Traducción de gooseflesh en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɡusˌflɛʃ//ˈɡuːsflɛʃ/


  • 1

    • My whole body trembled as I forced the muscles to move, the blood still pounding in my ears and gooseflesh all over.
    • His arms suddenly turned to gooseflesh and his heart started to beat faster.
    • Arm outstretched upon the table, Briar watched as his wrist bubbled with gooseflesh and a shiver tiptoed along his spine.
    • For God's sake, his teeth are still clattering and he's got gooseflesh up and down his arms!
    • She shivered again, and rubbed vigorously at the gooseflesh that had risen on her arms.
    • Her arms broke out into gooseflesh while her toes and fingers clenched in memory.
    • Her hand caressed his neck, then her fingers stroked up through his hair in a way that caused a tingle to travel all the way down his spine, his skin breaking out in gooseflesh as he shuddered in reaction.
    • Her arms broke out in gooseflesh and she shivered despite the muggy classroom air.
    • Seemingly knowing she was petrified, he removed his grasp, let his hand slide up her arm to tangle with her hair, and Linden felt gooseflesh prickle her skin.
    • Something about this request gave Kennedy gooseflesh.
    • Somewhere in the back of her mind she heard a deep throaty laugh, making her skin break out in gooseflesh.
    • He knew his power to raise his listener's gooseflesh, and he reveled in it.
    • Trinity gasped as his movement sent shivers up her spine and her arms broke out in gooseflesh.
    • When I caught up to her I touched her arm and could feel the gooseflesh as she shook me loose.
    • Her arms broke out in gooseflesh as droplets from the roof slid through the opening and splashed on her skin.
    • The early morning air was dry and warm against his skin, but he still felt gooseflesh rising on his spine.
    • I look at his smooth black hair, smooth light-brown skin with no gooseflesh, and the ugly naked wood of his kitchen.
    • He reached out and touched my shoulder which created a serious case of gooseflesh up my entire body.
    • There was something so disquietingly familiar about the place that I felt gooseflesh rise on my arms and legs.
    • It was a scent she couldn't recognize, and it made her skin turn into gooseflesh.