Traducción de gory en Español:


sangriento, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɡɔːri//ˈɡɔri/

adjetivogoriest, gorier

  • 1coloquial

    (sensational, violent)
    (scene/ending) sangriento
    • Brutal, gory, and dumb, Brotherhood of the Wolf is a mess - not, however, an unsightly one.
    • These days, to impress anyone at all, a heist film requires either heaps of brutal, gory violence or a really clever plot.
    • Reluctantly instead he turned south down the Indus and, in some of the most bloodthirsty campaigning of a gory career, overwhelmed various tribes.
    • This opening scene sets the tone for a grisly, gory and sometimes comic werewolf horror film.
    • On a happier and certainly less gory note are the two Mario Bava films that end the series.
    • There's not more than a couple of really gory and violent moments that, of course, Brian does very well.
    • Horror films aren't necessarily scary, and scary films don't have to be gory.
    • Which is just as well, because this Italian film knew how to pile on the gory effects.
    • Moore, however, has not filled this film with scenes of gory violence.
    • A film condemning violence only to not show it in its full, bloody, gory glory would be hypocritical.
    • It's not gory, although it is quite macabre for quite a large portion of the plot.
    • There aren't many scenes of vampirism in the film, and when there are, they are neither gory nor scary.
    • I just hope my and Rob's rather gory tales of tongue-related ailments/injuries didn't gross anyone out.
    • While the film was not the director's usual sci-fi, gory, effects driven fare, it still provokes a great deal of thought.
    • Blood-soaked walls and carpets and severed heads are being used to construct grisly murder scenes as part of a gory game of whodunit for students to solve.
    • If you're looking for a really gory, terrifying movie, then neither film will work for your needs.
    • Immediately, I launched into a gory tale of battle, exaggerating the blood spewing everywhere.
    • I'm going to try and do an odd, gory and even grotesque modern horror film that's done in a real classical style.
    • Have you noticed how costumes and masks are getting generally more bloody, gory, and depraved each year?
    • It's about as gory a moment as I've seen in a film like this in years.
  • 2literario

    • Each of the wounds were gory holes of half-clotted blood, tufts of fur, and the white substance of fat.
    • Dirt covered her cheeks and nose, gory gashes decorated her petite body, and she seemed deprived of food for days.
    • Robinson left the door to lean over the table, apparently not as repulsed by the gory mess as his partner clearly was.
    • He had seen everything, every gory bloody human mess man can create, and had been trained not to respond.
    • Hey, don't dismiss it as another horror film with a bit of spooky stuff, a gory hand, a falling chandelier.
    • Similarly, Joe was overwhelmed by a gory birth his wife endured while he watched in horror.
    • People think that nursing isn't for the faint of heart because of the blood and other gory things.
    • I have this big fear of being all rank and sweaty in that hospital bed, all gory and blooded up down below like some kind of murder scene.
    • Halloween isn't a film that requires gory entrails and jets of blood bathing the lens to sustain interest or tension.
    • A foot of gory steel stood out of his back, and blood sprayed from his mouth as he stared down at the sword in his guts.
    • Then the ghost of Banquo, all gory and bloody comes to haunt Macbeth at the banquet.
    • Aron went down with her on top of him, and the blood pack slipped from his hands to make a gory splatter on the floor.
    • The clone's head disappeared in a gory spray of bone, brain matter and blood as the rounds went home.