Traducción de gourd en Español:


Pronunciación /ɡɔːd//ɡʊrd//ɡɔrd//ɡʊəd/


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    (as drinking vessel)
    calabaza seca empleada como vasija
    mate masculino América del Sur
    jícara femenino México América Central Colombia
    guaje masculino México
    • Carving tools are very sharp, and the dried gourds are very hard.
    • Woodcrafted products include traditional masks, carved squash gourds, and colonial-style doors and furniture.
    • By the 1770s this market had penetrated as far north as Cuenca, where the traditional gourd with silver straw began to appear on elite tables in this tertiary northern Andean city.
    • The tea was traditionally drunk from a gourd, sipped through a straw known as a bombilla.
    • Some men sat around the fire, cooking meat on sticks, drinking from gourds and laughing.
    • Nevertheless, one can still observe the use of traditional pipes, water-pots for music, decorated walking sticks exchanged at marriage, and the use of gourds and pottery.
    • Fruit and gourds filled with tea and water were passed through the bars.
    • Ancient historical documents describe the use of crude containers, such as gourds, leaves, shells, animal skins, and even human skulls.
    • In their spare time, Fulani women make handicrafts including engraved gourds, weavings, knitting, and baskets.
    • The only thing they seem to do more then butchering animals in Uruguay, is drink Mate, a sort of super strong version of green tea that is drunk from a gourd through a silver straw.
    • Women engrave designs into yellow calabash gourds.
    • She saw other people further down the river, taking drinks or filling gourds.
    • Along with the bag there is some other container, often a gourd, to hold the lime paste.
    • They used a carved gourd to store milk and water.
    • Handicraft articles include baskets, straw hats, net and saddle bags, hammocks, straw mats, gourds, woodcarvings, and masks.
    • Merchants lay out plastic jugs, blankets, medicinal cures, metal pots, religious pamphlets, gourds, and stack great bundles of glittering bangles.
    • The Snake Man's mother took a clay pot, poured into it some water from a gourd by her side, and put it over the fire.
    • He passed her a gourd of water and she gulped it down.
    • Other handicraft items include hammocks, baskets, mats, embroidery, leatherwork, coral jewelry, and carved and painted gourds and dolls.
    • Then they rinse out their mouths with gourds full of water from an oil drum.
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    calabaza femenino
    jícaro masculino México Colombia América Central
    • This is connected to a large bamboo teepee with pole beans, gourds and other climbing plants covering it.
    • Sometimes pumpkins or gourds are planted instead of squash.
    • Both sides of this versatile trellis are used, and it can be made sturdy enough to support heavy crops such as gourds and pumpkins.
    • In addition to staple crops, gourds and tobacco are also planted.
    • We have a chainlink fence in the front yard with vines and gourds growing on it.
    • Twig trees decorated with paperwhite blossoms and rose hips can be grouped with gilded gourds.
    • The potted chilly, lady's finger or brinjal plants, along with an array of gourds, occupy about 400 square foot of space on his terrace.
    • This year we're also growing birdhouse gourds.
    • The gardens were in full autumnal splendor as dried flowers and flame bright orange, yellow gourds adorned the gates.
    • Other unusual plants include bottle gourds whose beautiful ornamental shapes were used for hundreds of years by native Americans to carry and store water.
    • Special care is given to the gourd plant as it grows and forms fruit after its flowers fade.