Traducción de governor en Español:


gobernador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡʌv(ə)nə//ˈɡəv(ə)nər/


  • 1

    (of state, province, colony)
    gobernador masculino
    gobernadora femenino
    • The colonies were not democracies and the governors were not responsible to an electorate.
    • The name ‘Australia’ was formally adopted and popularized in 1817 by the British governor of the colony of New South Wales.
    • Largely neglected by their British governors, they traded surpluses of livestock, wheat, and flour with Louisbourg and Boston.
    • The governor was always a British official dispatched from London who in turn appointed all members of the Executive and Legislative Councils.
    • It followed from this that the colonies should be granted internal self-government under a governor appointed by the Crown.
    • Although the real power remained with the governor, this was an unprecedented move in an African colony.
    • Trinidad was still a British colony, run by a British governor.
    • In 1808 Sierra Leone became a British crown colony, ruled under a colonial governor.
    • The governors of the individual British provinces were responsible to the vicarius for the taxation in kind which the municipal councils were expected to raise from the individual taxpayer.
    • It is under the nominal rule of a governor general elected by Parliament to represent Queen Elizabeth II of England, the head of state.
    • The British Crown is represented by a governor.
    • They were exploited by the white ruling class and treated with contempt by British governors, whose fiscal policies were designed only to benefit whites.
    • It's from here that a British governor once ruled the whole of southern Nigeria.
    • They ruled their colonies through governors who obeyed orders without question.
    • In the process, they deepened estrangement between the colonists and their British governors and taught the people that government should rest on popular consent.
    • With the transfer of the Cape to Britain in 1806, a true colonial government headed by an imperial governor and a parliamentary prime minister was installed.
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    (of institution)
    school governor miembro de un consejo escolar
    • a board of governors un consejo directivo
    • The two-day annual meeting was attended by finance ministers, central bank governors and business leaders from 77 member countries of the ADB.
    • The legislation places a statutory duty on the governor to ensure that the actions of the Bank in implementing monetary policy are consistent with the targets.
    • The hospital and services will not be run in any way whatever by any elected governors.
    • Instead, he claimed that plans to directly elect the governors of the foundation trusts would make it harder for local authorities to work with the NHS.
    • A working party made up of heads, governors and union representatives will also be meeting each month to discuss the changes.
    • Anger and resentment should be directed at management and governors, not fellow workers.
    • McCreevy next picked a public row with the governor of the bank of Italy for trying to block a Dutch takeover of an Italian bank.
    • The achievements of the council in meeting its goals are a shining reflection of its diligence, and bear testimony to the commitment of the institution's governors.
    • Aged 44, he is a Bank high-flyer, having served as private secretary to the previous governor and member of the team that drew up the Basel accords on international bank regulation.
    • The governor of a borstal institution tries to reform a group of juvenile delinquents through sympathy rather than punishment.
    • The Executive Board and the governors of the national central banks make up the second branch, the Governing Council.
    • It has signed up tens of thousands of new workers by getting governors to grant public workers the right to form unions.
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    regulador masculino
    • The first feedback device to be mathematically described was the rotary governor, used by James Watt to keep the rate of steam engines constant with varying loads.
    • The Government should not succumb to pressure by vested interests and should make speed governors for vehicles compulsory, at the earliest.
    • The decision of the department to make speed governors mandatory for heavy transport vehicles and stage carriers would curb to an extent the over-speeding of heavy vehicles.
    • Do you think speed governors are the need of the hour for tackling the mounting number of accidents on the State's roads?
    • The engines are equipped with governors that limit the top speed to 62 MPH.
    • A speed-limiting governor, to limit the maximal speed, may be used.
    • There is also a maximum speed governor that can be toggled on and off to keep you from going too fast.
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    jefe masculino
    patrón masculino