Traducción de graceless en Español:


tosco, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɡreɪsləs//ˈɡreɪsləs/


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    (manner/person) tosco
    (manner/person) descortés
    • There is no age, not even youth, that excuses or condones such graceless disregard for the paths walked by our fellow man and I fear no amount of ‘education’ will shine a light in the minds of such fools.
    • She made a graceless comment a few days ago, to the effect that she doesn't expect much of a speech, but several hundred Republicans will cheer no matter how mediocre he is.
    • He is not a bad dancer - his sweeping candelabra arms and rapid footwork bring nuggets of pleasure - but at times he is oddly graceless, his long arms and toned torso mismatched by a pair of surprisingly stubby wee legs.
    • In reality, we are so incensed at the ungrateful treatment we have received and the graceless way in which it has been done that we have withdrawn our support.
    • Brash, graceless and ignorant, she's all the things that middle England hates and fears from inner-city working-class Britain’.
    • But his insulting treatment of a key ally shows him to be irresponsible, graceless and obsessively bent on winning office at all costs.
    • He is instinctively suspicious and graceless even in a determinedly soft interview.
    • A sectional drawing by Tatham shows the rather graceless inner facade to the courtyard of the new wing, which contained an entrance archway and porter's lodge on the ground floor, and picture gallery above.
    • Needless to say, anyone shown to be a member of the former camp is depicted as being vapid, graceless, and generally without any redeeming values, while those in the latter group are kind, intelligent, and well-adjusted.
    • ‘Aye, the good princess is a graceless, vexing little imp! ‘said the woman.’
    • In fact, she generally looks pretty graceless whenever she moves - a bit like a top-heavy giraffe.
    • It was graceless behaviour that marred his image as a potential leader in 2007.
    • To bicker senselessly and be sore losers is as pathetic as it is graceless.
    • They're graceless, unrewarding, and seemingly deliberately make it almost impossible for anyone to want to keep on trying to help them for long.
    • When luck is something you inherit or buy, grumbling at the complaints of the less fortunate is graceless, to say the least.
    • Though Thomas received much criticism and admitted later that the graceless exit was unsportsman-like, Thomas has never publicly apologized.
    • I mumbled something about Paris, Rome, and Venice and immediately felt graceless and ashamed.
    • Tash bit her lip, feeling her words were graceless and awkward, when her gratitude was so much more.
    • This seemed to be the real Frank, grumpy, graceless, self-pitying and desperate to get away from his wife and kids.
    • Unlike the graceless modern architecture that is springing up all over the place, an 80-year-old cellar provides instant ambience.
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    poco elegante