Traducción de gradation en Español:


gradación, n.

Pronunciación /ɡrəˈdeɪʃ(ə)n//ɡreɪˈdeɪʃ(ə)n/



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    (step, stage)
    gradación femenino
    subtle gradations of meaning sutiles matices de significado masculino
    • The main structure of caste remains intact with its mutually exclusive communities, its carefully regulated gradations of rank, and the ban on intermarriage which prevents any fusion of classes.
    • I think what we have is a larger middle class with very fine gradations within it, and so the more important class distinctions are within what we might call the middle class - because we're all middle class now, or so we'd like to think.
    • He is not by nature honest or open about anything, and has a hard time seeing the gradations that exist in normal human relations.
    • Our key policies are gradations of detention so that people are held for as long as necessary for health and identity checks and then managed in Commonwealth facilities according to their claim.
    • However, not everyone knows there are two categories of shot, with two distinct size gradations.
    • The molecular weights and boiling points display the usual gradations observed in other series.
    • These apparent gradations of honesty are a difficult concept.
    • The second meaning indicates gradations of quantity on thermometers or measuring cups.
    • Now you have gradations of desire and expectation on the part of immigrants.
    • There's a lot to learn on a camera that will go from fully automatic to manual with many gradations of control in between.
    • If there is a continuum of gradations between human and nonhuman, there is a continuum between the type human as well.
    • Creating bonsai trees is, in fact, a fully developed art with its own philosophy, technique, tools, gradations and variety for the Japanese who evolved it into such a finesse.
    • From here, there is a continuous series of gradations to gliding wings, and hence to flapping wings.
    • Science is not about certainties, it is about gradations and interpretations.
    • Rather there are gradations and types of literacies, with a range of benefits closely related to the specific functions of literacy practices.
    • These internal sanctions allow a series of gradations.
    • The Beloit Journal published the membership lists of each committee, which together with the U.S. census, reveal clear gradations of wealth between the different levels of participants.
    • The number of gradations in our already segregated society will multiply.
    • Most authors have seen race as the fundamental category of empire, but Cannadine points to the importance of class, and of its hierarchical gradations.
    • The piano can provide subtle gradations of volume, but the piece doesn't call for that.
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