Traducción de grader en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɡreɪdər//ˈɡreɪdə/


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    a sixth grader un alumno de sexto grado / año
    • Once the books were completed, the students had an opportunity to take them to a neighboring elementary school and share their stories with first and second graders.
    • Every year we look at the new crop of 9th graders coming into high school and only a few can demonstrate that they have been taught well.
    • High-school photography students came to photograph the sixth - graders at work.
    • As the bell rang all the sixth graders rushed to the auditorium.
    • Using fluency as an example, the curriculum calls for the fourth grader to read approximately 90 words per minute.
    • The participants in this study were 61 fourth graders who had been in an English-only school district in the San Francisco Bay Area of California since kindergarten.
    • How could anyone be making that much money overseeing a school district where a third of the 3rd graders couldn't read?
    • At one elementary school, 68% of kindergartners and first graders receive free lunches.
    • My ninth graders were the kids the system had given up on - the dropouts, the lost causes.
    • Testing is also available in Spanish for third and fourth graders, but all students test in English.
    • Approximately 20 percent of tenth to twelfth graders do not complete high school.
    • First off, I have been participating in a special program offered to 6th graders who can pass an 8th grade test with 90 % or higher at West Highschool.
    • I coach several youth basketball teams, and my players range from 3rd graders to 7th graders.
    • We handed out a quiz to each seventh grader at our school.
    • These are mostly 10th graders with some 12 th graders, but they are very politically aware and astute.
    • Fourth graders are slipping behind in mathematics and science, compared to students internationally.
    • Eighth graders don't hang out with sixth graders.
    • Bright sixth graders stay after school to tutor fourth graders who are having trouble with fractions or reading.
    • English education was extended to fifth and sixth graders at primary schools last year.
    • The majority of my time has been spent working with the oldest students at our school - eighth graders.
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    (machine for levelling)
    niveladora femenino
    • Local governments already share road graders and other expensive equipment.
    • We have 10 to 12 miles of roads to maintain, and we wanted a grader big enough to cover them all.
    • The usual fleet of wheel loaders, graders and plough/sander trucks maintains the road network.
    • The grader was about 400 ft down the road from where the laborer and co-worker had deposited the tamper.
    • You will see graders keeping our rural roads in shape.
    • In the past, graders at construction sites achieved accuracy by making repeated passes over the ground.
    • It seems almost unnecessary to say it now, because graders are so accurate as they level the ground, whether it is for a new road, reshaping an old road, or for basic grading work at construction sites.
    • Qualified and experienced staff have left for greener pastures and graders which were once a common site in the townships are now skeletons resting on boulders waiting to be shipped to the scrapyard.
    • I have approached officials several times and a year ago they attempted to grade the road - the grader got stuck and they left the job incomplete.
    • They point out some important differences between motor graders and other earthmoving machines when it comes to converting engine power to tractive effort and work output.
    • Gogo also called on the government to provide a grader to fix roads in the area since the region was inaccessible to ordinary vehicles.
    • For road building, he uses two dozers and two road graders.
    • The old adage about bad workmen blaming their tools might be true, but in our conversations we have heard few operators of loaders, graders, excavators, and dozers blaming their machines.
    • Finally the grader came along and levelled and shingled the road.
    • Most of the graders and excavators manufactured today come with restriction gauges, and every engine manufacturer has a restriction guideline.
    • The graders ripped the existing road and gathered all available material into two windrows, then spread and graded behind the mobile crusher as it progressed down the road.
    • Excavators, articulated trucks, dozers, motor graders, and bottom-dump highway trucks are a few examples of the diverse machinery used on a typical job site.