Traducción de graduate en Español:


obtener el título, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɡradʒʊeɪt//ˈɡradjʊeɪt//ˈɡrædʒəˌweɪt/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(from a college, university)

      obtener el título
      terminar la carrera
      recibirse América Latina
      (obtain bachelor's degree) licenciarse
      she graduated from Cambridge in 1974 se licenció en la Universidad de Cambridge en 1974
      • he graduated in history se licenció en historia
      • Other students who graduated received their national diplomas and BTech degrees.
      • She graduated from high school in 1986 and then attended the University of Amsterdam.
      • It was a miracle that he'd finally graduated, receiving a degree in Criminal Law, more as a way of pleasing his father than actually wanting it.
      • Many students now graduate from high school having already completed many credits toward college.
      • Between 1873 and 1933 only six students graduated from high school.
      • By the time he graduated from high school his schoolmates had voted him ‘person most likely to succeed’.
      • When she graduated from high school she went to a university not too far from where I lived.
      • Katie graduated from high school in 1996 and attended North Carolina State University the following autumn.
      • The report recommended that states require students to take a minimum number of courses in core academic subjects in order to graduate from high school.
      • Some people have made it in a very short time with no training and others have graduated from university with degrees before climbing their career ladders.
      • Students who fail to achieve minimum scores on state tests are prevented from graduating from high school with full academic diplomas.
      • He graduated from High School in 1956 with the highest grade point average that anyone had ever achieved at his school.
      • For example in the North Texas Tongan Catholic Community, one out of five students graduated from high school.
      • Only five out of 12 of Gina's siblings graduated from high school.
      • He also went to night school and graduated from high school six months early, all so he could go racing.
      • I am now in my last year of college and I am getting ready to graduate with a masters degree.
      • She was a straight-A student in high school and later attended and graduated from Harvard University.
      • After three hard years of college, Rindy graduated with a degree in business.
      • Two weeks after he graduated, he received his draft notice.
      • Students must now pass proficiency exams in order to enter and graduate from high school, replacing the system of social promotion.

    • 1.2US (from high school)

      terminar el bachillerato
      recibirse de bachiller América Latina

  • 2

    to graduate ( from sth) to sth pasar ( de algo) a algo
    • they often graduate from marijuana to heroin a menudo pasan de la marihuana a la heroína
    • Encouraged by her parents to follow her passions, Julie took dance classes from the age of two, moving on to a drama group and graduating to Scottish Youth Theatre.
    • The big bucks come into play when you graduate to more advanced levels.
    • Then, if a team was fortunate enough to graduate to the next level, the crew moved up as well.
    • For the first few years new recruits work under a senior analyst, mastering the fundamentals before graduating to handling fund management issues.
    • Since his debut in '99, Joe's career has yet to match all the early hype that surrounded him, seeming to remain in the land of promise, rather than graduating to domination and superstar status.
    • Later, he worked as a Parliamentary researcher before entering radio journalism in the late 1980s and graduating to television.
    • After four to six weeks, retake the step test to see if you've improved enough to justify graduating to the advanced workout.
    • Now that I've given you tips on going faster with more control, you're probably graduating to the steeper stuff.
    • Ross, 25, worked as a courier, driving a van around Scotland, before graduating to heavy vehicles this summer.
    • Except for this signing, the coaching staff have relied on players graduating to the first team from the club's training academy.
    • Loughman trained for three years before graduating to the dance company.
    • Students will start with the basic moves before graduating to more difficult stamina-building sequences.
    • They can also claim credit for the country graduating to more mature view of the relations between church and state and a clean up of the ‘minority’ of crooked judges and priests.
    • Jo started on percussion and moved on to flute when a place became available and Matthew started on violin, graduating to the viola.
    • Now there's growing talk of Dixon graduating to Formula One, the Holy Grail of motor racing.
    • Initially working in cartoons, he graduated to sitcoms, before moving into drama.
    • Before graduating to the national side, they have worked hard to improve their sporting skills in streets, schools and subsequently at district, and state level, and later as members of junior national teams.
    • Use 10% of the adult dose for one - to two-year-olds, graduating to 40% at age seven to eight and reaching full adult dose at 15 years.
    • Miss Park began her study of the piano at the age of four and gave her first full recital when she was seven, graduating to play the Beethoven Piano Concerto No 1 with the Seoul Symphony Orchestra at the tender age of nine.

verbo transitivo

  • 1EEUU

    Escuela Universidad
    conferirle el título a
  • 2formal

    (test tube/flask)
  • 3

    (payments/contributions) escalonar


  • 1

    (from higher education)
    (with a bachelor's degree) licenciado masculino
    (with a bachelor's degree) licenciada femenino
    (student/course) (before noun) de posgrado
    (course/student) (before noun) de postgrado
    a Harvard graduate un egresado de Harvard América Latina
    • he was at graduate school estaba haciendo un curso de posgrado

    persona con título universitario

  • 2EEUU

    (from high school)
    (masculine and feminine) bachiller