Traducción de grain en Español:


grano, n.

Pronunciación /ɡreɪn//ɡreɪn/


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    • 1.1(of cereal, salt, sugar, sand)

      grano masculino
      there's not a grain of truth in what he says no hay ni pizca de verdad en lo que dice
      • A large percentage of the sand grains are composed of fragments from the green alga Halimeda.
      • I've learned all about negative calories and calorie-free soup today (hot water with a grain of salt in it).
      • The last word he shouts after her when she leaves the house settles in his mind the way a grain of sand comes to a halt in the dense flesh of oysters.
      • This planet is a grain of sand in a universe that is so much greater than we can dream.
      • This early embryo is a ball of cells smaller than a grain of sand.
      • Pollen grain viability at the time of anther dehiscence and later stages was estimated using the fluorescein diacetate test.
      • Pollen grain number was calculated for 20 flowers (five each from four trees) of each type.
      • The perfect mix for sandcastles is one part water for every eight parts of sand but another factor is the density of the sand, with finer grains producing a better mix.
      • The Leonids are grains of dust from comet Tempel-Tuttle colliding into Earth's atmosphere.
      • Forecasters said the pollen count across Greater Manchester would be high today, between 50 and 149 grains of grass pollen per cubic metre of air.
      • Well, some of us may give objects personalities but we've never come even remotely close to assigning a personality to something like a grain of sand.
      • You don't regard a grain of sand when building a pyramid; you interact with a mass of sand.
      • That was 360 grains of pollen per cubic metre of air.
      • We banged the mortar and pestle like oriental drummers in the echoing stainless steel kitchen, but our ground cumin and coriander looked more like gravel than grains of the finest spices.
      • During the event, particles smaller than a grain of sand burn up as they stream through the Earth's atmosphere at speeds of 150,000 miles an hour.
      • The lengthy but exciting search for dust grains will be conducted by Internet volunteers.
      • This wider mix of particle sizes is important because how much sediment a river carries also depends on the relative mix of coarse and fine grains.
      • Willard can create a masterpiece within the eye of a tiny sewing needle, on the head of a pin, the tip of an eyelash or a grain of sand.
      • The highest ever count - 1,100 grains of pollen per cubic metre - was recorded in Cardiff in 1992.
      • It contains particles smaller than a grain of sand, each one containing a unique nine-digit identification code.

    • 1.2(unit of weight)

      grano masculino
      • Pour your powder into the hopper, enter in your desired charge weight in grains, and press a button.
      • Multiply the hardness of the water in grains per gallon by 8 (or 7.866 to be more precise).
      • Incidentally, some may wonder why we have oddball bullet weights such as 139 and 154 grains.
      • Prior to 1933, the name ‘dollar’ was used to refer to a unit of gold that had a weight of 23.22 grains.
      • Consider four 7mm cartridges, all firing 139-to 140 - grain bullets.
      • The ounce was approximately 450 grains, i.e. slightly heavier than the modern one.
      • They had to drop bullet weight about 20 grains but did they have to reduce velocity from .45 Colt loads?
      • Bullet weights from 185 to 230 grains were fired at combat distances with elevation being right on for all practical purposes.
      • It's not so surprising that people chose the grain (weighing four point eight centigrams) as the unit of measure.
      • It's a boat-tailed bullet (that is, the rear of the bullet is tapered) and weighs 173 grains.
      • It was a spinoff of a laboratory scale that was simply told to read grains instead of grams.
      • The weight is a few grains more which may stiffen the shaft a little.
      • It is available in two forms at sporting goods stores - one calibrated in grains and the other in grams.
      • The power factor is simply bullet weight in grains multiplied by velocity in feet per second, divided by 1,000.
      • In the metric system, there are 454 grams to a pound but there are 7,000 grains.
      • The prize nuggets ranged from about 12 grains to about 3 pennyweights.
      • How anyone dreamed up a system where 20 fluid ounces makes one pint, 437.5 grains makes one ounce and 1,760 yards makes one mile is beyond us.
      • Bullet weights increasing from 110 to 180 grains in normal increments seemed like a sensible idea.

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    grano masculino
    cereal masculino
    (harvest/exports/shortage) (before noun) de grano
    (shortage/harvest/exports) (before noun) de cereal
    • The crop farmers have wheat and grain and corn and potatoes and squash and beans and lettuce.
    • Thus, even if a curious farmer were to plant some genetically modified grain received as food aid, its continued presence in the field is unlikely.
    • They keep down the rodent population in Egypt's economically important grain fields along the Nile.
    • Potatoes had the advantage of producing three times as much food per acre as grain.
    • Greenbugs are a serious pest of grain and sorghum in the Southern Plains.
    • Pollination is the transfer of pollen - plant grains that contain male DNA - from the male part of a flower to the female part of a flower.
    • He says that while the area will never produce the quantities of the huge grain-growing areas, there is massive potential for the region.
    • With a few grains of rice and barley from the bottom of one of the ship's sacks, the sailor planted what would become large fields of grain.
    • The food grain was first domesticated over 10,000 years ago in the Middle East.
    • In the north and the west, where the climate is too dry to grow rice, wheat is the staple grain.
    • Meanwhile, the late break is increasing the pressure on grain growers wanting to plant canola.
    • Grain growers want the best price for their produce.
    • The staple grain is wheat and Pakistan is a predominantly bread-eating country.
    • Students learned the impact plant breeders had on the quality and quantity of grain as well as consumer products.
    • In rural areas, rats are a threat to seed and grain crops.
    • He now had two patches of grain and maize while apricots, cherries, plums and quince hung heavily from boughs covered in thick, grey lichen.
    • They grow grain, sorghum, and wheat with rest periods in between.
    • Hernandez is most praising of corn, even hinting of the grain's possible superiority to wheat.
    • Their enterprise consists of 500 breeding ewes and 40 suckler cows in association with 50 acres of sugar beet, the rest is in grain.
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    (of wood)
    (pattern) veta femenino
    (pattern) veteado masculino
    (texture) grano masculino
    (direction of fibers) hilo masculino
    (of leather) grano masculino
    (of leather) flor femenino
    (of fabric) hilo masculino
    Geología Fotografía grano masculino
    • Mark Bishop's Black Heart Myrtle platter has a simple shape that shows the rich colour and unusual grain of this timber.
    • For the best fit around the torso, position the body pattern pieces with their length along the crosswise grain.
    • Wood may vary greatly in hardness, grain pattern, and grain direction.
    • As soon as she was gone, I sighed loudly and stared at the table, mentally tracing the patterns of the wood grain.
    • Heavy cutting of solid wood along the grain is best done with a dedicated ripping blade.
    • Cut a narrow strip of fusible tricot interfacing along the lengthwise grain and apply it to the wrong side of the zipper seam.
    • Translucent wood stains complement the natural beauty of wood by allowing the pattern of the grain to show.
    • Cut the beef across the grain into paper thin slices.
    • Because polyurethanes are a surface finish, care should be taken to work along the grain.
    • I haven't found anyone who claims 100 percent accuracy in identifying special grain patterns just by looking at bark.
    • The Hissatsu's grip is black polymer with a molded-in deep pebble grain surface.
    • Cut the beef into very thin slices across the grain into bite-size pieces (or ask your butcher to do this).
    • For garment sewing, where pattern pieces are usually cut on the lengthwise grain, try one or more of the following.
    • If you do woodwork at school, you learn to exploit the properties of wood, such as it splits along the grain.
    • The direction of the grain, as well as the amount of figuring in the wood, can affect the way it is sanded and sawed.
    • His fingers started absently tracing patterns in the wood grain on the bar.
    • He lay on his side, staring at the pattern of the wood grain on the bedpost, wishing he could just drop off.
    • Eagle's new ‘Ultra Ivory’ is a synthetic material with the grain and texture of real ivory.
    • The wood grain should run longitudinally to minimize warping and cracking.
    • The fabric may need to be refolded along the crosswise grain to accommodate the pattern pieces.
    • The end grain of a very hard wood is used and the cuts into the wood are made along the grain.
    • It is hard and durable, has good grain patterns, and mills and finishes nicely.
    • Again, it works because there is nothing token or apologetic about it, and you end up not minding the hard plastic surfaces because they are honest enough not to ape leather grain.