Traducción de Grand Prix en Español:

Grand Prix

Grand Prix, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɡrɑn(d) ˈpri//ˌɡrænd ˈpri//ɡrɒ̃ ˈpriː/

nombrePlural Grands Prix

  • 1

    Grand Prix masculino
    Gran Premio masculino
    • The use of a chicane is a well-established method of reducing speed during a Grand Prix, familiar to drivers.
    • The Renault driver, Alonso, became the youngest ever driver to take pole position for a Grand Prix.
    • The mechanics did a superb job in repairing the car overnight, allowing Pedro to continue the next day and achieving almost a Grand Prix distance with the car.
    • The rules permit teams that finished fifth or lower in the previous year's Constructors Championship to run a third car and driver in the two Friday practice sessions of a Grand Prix.
    • Three European Grands Prix have also been staged in England, at Brands Hatch in 1983 and 1985, and at Donington Park in 1993.
    • Apparently, the US corporate media's only interest in Bahrain is the preparations for a Grand Prix motor race to be held there on April 3.
    • Earlier in 2001, in Brazil, the Schumachers also made history by becoming the first pair of brothers to qualify on the front row for a Grand Prix.
    • Without a doubt, it would be one of the best possible races to win a Grand Prix.
    • We had signals during testing prior to the race that this Grand Prix could be a good one, but to be in contention for the win during the race was very nice indeed!
    • If you test prior to a Grand Prix and you truly believe that you have an even chance of the development working on the car, you would manufacture in sufficient quantities to be able to immediately introduce it to that race.
    • Yesterday, for the second time in a week, I found myself crammed behind rows of spectators just off Regent Street straining for the occasional view of a Grand Prix racing car.
    • Each year Mobil intends to send two of its outstanding team members for a Grand Prix abroad.
    • Being part of the Young Driver Programme has been a great opportunity to get behind the scenes in Formula One and understand exactly what it takes to be a Grand Prix driver, because there's no other formula quite like it.
    • He is also the first American driver to get into a F1 car during a Grand Prix weekend since 1993.
    • It was really good to test on a Grand Prix circuit and to finish off our winter programme.
    • It was superb meeting a Grand Prix winner like Fernando and I enjoyed being allowed inside the pit garages with the team at work.
    • Jarno is the only man other than Michael Schumacher to have won a Grand Prix this season.
    • This year's race will be the 36th Canadian Grand Prix and the 26th time Montreal has staged the event.
    • In general, the cars performed better in this Grand Prix, so the latest car developments have demonstrably improved our performance.
    • It's quite some thought to imagine a Grand Prix taking place round the streets of London.