Traducción de grand slam en Español:

grand slam

gran slam, n.


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    (in bridge, golf, tennis)
    gran slam masculino
    • At the end of last year England blew their latest grand slam in the long-delayed match against Ireland.
    • In 1953, Connolly became the first woman to achieve the grand slam, when she captured the Australian, French, Wimbledon and US singles titles.
    • It would be great to be European champions in a World Cup year but a grand slam is a grand slam.
    • A contract to make all 13 tricks is called a grand slam.
    • Woods appeared destined to become the greatest golfer of all time after winning the grand slam of majors in 2000 and being the number one for over four years.
    • Maureen Connolly in 1953 and Margaret Court Smith in 1970 achieved grand slams among the women.
    • Until the reign of Johnson, he was England's most successful postwar captain as England won three grand slams under his leadership.
    • The film depicts a sensitive Jones as he swings to victory in golf's major tournaments - the coveted grand slam - in the magical year of 1930.
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    (in baseball)
    • His debut grand slam is even more impressive when you consider that he was only the second major leaguer to hit a grand slam in his first at bat.
    • He belted four grand slams during the 1968 regular season.
    • During his distinguished career with the Yankees, Lou Gehrig hit 23 grand slams, most in major league history.
    • Through the 2004 season, there have been 182 inside-the-park grand slams hit in major league history by 163 different players.
    • Through the 2004 season, Jeter has never hit a grand slam in the major leagues, although he has connected for a total of 149 career home runs.