Traducción de grandmaster en Español:


gran maestro, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɡrandˈmɑːstə//ˌɡrændˈmæstər/


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    gran maestro masculino
    • You had to play at least two musical instruments, play chess to grandmaster level and be fluent in classical Greek just to get on the list for entry.
    • Like a chess grandmaster, I try to work several moves in advance.
    • Preferably, it has been written by a grandmaster or international master who actually plays the line in question.
    • English grandmaster Jon Speelman brings his highly original games and concepts to your chessboard in this excellent book.
    • Their best player was the French grandmaster Etienne Bacrot, who won all 11 games.
    • When was the last time you heard a grandmaster admit that many areas of tactical play involves a certain degree of luck?
    • Her mother Joan, by the way, is the sister of chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer.
    • Like a chess grandmaster, you would attempt to keep control of the game at all times.
    • The winner of the tournament was grandmaster Alexander Ivanov.
    • Their most famous player, Fridrik Olafsson, became Iceland's first grandmaster in 1958.
    • He was the only American world title holder and, according to a consensus of grandmasters, the best chess player in history.
    • In 1996, he was the youngest player to ever defeat a grandmaster.
    • Most players are fascinated with the way that grandmasters think about chess, and this book provides an enjoyable glimpse into the way 12 strong players approach chess ideas and their way of thinking about them.
    • The authors do a fine job of discussing important chess topics with an interesting mix of chess grandmasters.
    • Our well-known English grandmaster has written one of the best basic endgame books I've ever seen.
    • Miles was England's first grandmaster and one of its most successful players ever.
    • He hopes Russian grandmaster and former world chess champion Gary Kasparov will give guest lectures.
    • She speaks fourteen languages and is a chess grandmaster.
    • As the first English grandmaster, Miles was a trailblazer in his country's move back to the top of international chess.
    • He is like the chess grandmaster who is always planning many moves in advance, with his sharpness of vision, both in terms of running and thinking.