Traducción de granny en Español:


abuelita, n.


Pronunciación /ˈɡrani//ˈɡræni/

nombrePlural grannies

  • 1

    abuelita femenino coloquial
    • Daredevil granny Ellen was on cloud nine for her 80th birthday celebrations.
    • My granny always said it's a crime not to seize the opportunities that present themselves.
    • James was quick to tell teacher she would have the same name as his granny when she was married.
    • Birthday wishes come to Sean from his granny Betty and all the family.
    • A LOVE-STRUCK granny may have to wait a year to learn if she can bring her young Moroccan husband into the UK.
    • I was really upset for the first couple of weeks, missing all my friends and family, especially my granny and grandad.
    • I remember my granny had huge arms with tattoos because women in the 1920s used to go and get tattooed at the docks.
    • But I feel it was time well spent, sitting in by the fire with my granny and telling stories.
    • Inside you will see photos of Mark with his arms around his petite granny.
    • Tamryn and her brother Matt, five, were being looked after by their granny on Wednesday night.
    • There is no way an old granny would get that treatment from me!
    • Your granny and granda in Chicago hope you had a great day and hope to see you soon.
    • Meanwhile I have very fond memories of both my granny Mary Ellen and my Auntie Mary Kate.
    • My daughter however is very keen for her daughter to have a granny and is adamant that she does not want her daughter to call me by my Christian name.
    • Our granny is 85 and she is the holiest person in the world.
    • As my granny used to say once a week, every week: As long as you have your health.
    • So, when my formidable granny asked me, from the other end of the table, to repeat my request, the entire family stared.
    • No doubt there will be plenty of ladies entering the most glamorous granny competition with so many fit and good looking grannies around these days.
    • These were the nights of packed halls, when grannies and grandads, uncles and aunts came to see their prodigy on the stage!
    • Although granny was a kitchen wizard, she never shared her secrets.
  • 2

    (old woman)
    abuela femenino