Traducción de granny flat en Español:

granny flat

apartamento independiente, n.



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    (en una casa de familia) apartamento independiente masculino
    • He said the delay on the application, to build a roof extension and granny flat on a house in York, is the longest he has ever known.
    • Subject to planning permission, this could be converted into a self-contained granny flat, home gym or games room.
    • From here there is access to the extension, which is used as a self-contained granny flat and has its own front door.
    • He and his wife, who died last year, lived in a granny flat at the property.
    • The castle also comes complete with a granny flat and a two-bedroomed lodge.
    • We recently got permission for a granny flat in the garden and there are protected trees.
    • The house itself is very well maintained with four bedrooms and a granny flat attached.
    • Liz walked into the kitchen and through into a granny flat that was attached to the house.
    • Number 3 is another large house but it has been divided up so that the top floor provides a separate granny flat, with its own internal front door but sharing the street door with the rest of the house and using the internal stairs for access.
    • There is an old lady living in a granny flat at the top of the house and one of the conditions of buying the lease is that they leave her there to see out her days.
    • Attached to this cottage is a one-bed, self-contained apartment that can be used for extra rental income or as a granny flat.
    • He said: ‘There are proposals to use the extension area as a granny flat, but the plans show it would be self-contained.’
    • The application, to add extra rooms and a granny flat to a house in Mount Vale, York, was first submitted in September 2001.
    • The granny flat is an extension that can be entered by two doors from the hallway and it is quite private and separate from the rest of the house.
    • In addition to three reception rooms and four bedrooms, it boasts a self-contained granny flat, a two-story mews and extensive parking for six cars.
    • The property also features a walled garden and many extras, including a granny flat to the rear.
    • This area is currently being used as an office but ideally can be converted to a granny flat to provide extra accommodation.
    • Although laid out as a family room, large study and a bar, the area is versatile and, with plumbing for hot and cold water, would be suitable for conversion into a self-contained granny flat.
    • The house has four bedrooms, several public rooms, a snooker room and a conservatory, as well as a three-bedroom granny flat overlooking extensive gardens.
    • Helen has applied to the council for permission to construct a granny flat extension.