Traducción de grape hyacinth en Español:

grape hyacinth

jacinto en racimo, n.


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    jacinto en racimo masculino
    • After some heavy rains last spring, my grape hyacinth bulbs, which have been in the ground for a number of years, started popping out of the ground.
    • The white winter flowering heather and pink cyclamen had faded but were soon replaced by violas, primulas and grape hyacinth.
    • Mine has been planted in a large terracotta pot by the doorstep with the grape hyacinths, dark blue pansies and a couple of deep red wanda primulas that contrast beautifully with its red leaves.
    • In early October, once she's potted up her crocuses, grape hyacinths, tulips and daffodils, she waters them, then tags them with the plant names and the dates.
    • Directly beneath the hanging basket is a large, frost-proof terracotta pot permanently planted with hostas, spring bulbs such as miniature daffodils and grape hyacinth.
    • Among the miscellaneous bulbs are the mildly-scented grape hyacinth (for those with a good sense of smell) and dainty Iris reticulata.
    • In April I spy the bright blue of the grape hyacinth, Muscari aucheri, the sun-lover that looks best in a clump, its blooms like fairy fruits.
    • Layer two different species, such as tulips and grape hyacinths, in the same bed for exciting color combinations.
    • The color of grape hyacinths is lovely next to yellow-flowering perennial plants such as Doronicum orientale.
    • Groundcover plantings of smoky mauve heathers come alive in spring with surrounding sweeps of cobalt blue grape hyacinths.
    • There was a white tablecloth, and a bowl of grape hyacinths, and a bottle of Gewurztraminer.
    • Nothing boosts your spirits in early spring like the first daffodils, tulips or grape hyacinths poking through the ground.
    • A lot of our spring flowers are blue and include grape hyacinth, anemone blanda and forget-me-not which, once planted, is with you forever.
    • Then, in spring, successive bursts of daffodil, grape hyacinth, and tulip flowers heightened the show.
    • Below the trailing sweeps, violets and daffodils and drifts of yellow, blue and white crocus came forth in Spring and later tulips, grape hyacinth and other like bulbs kept the willow company.
    • Like these bulbs, the grape hyacinth, is also very affordable and grows well in any well-drained soil.
    • Crocus, grape hyacinths and narcissi are particularly suitable for larger grassy areas such as medians, slopes and the areas in front of shrubs.
    • Plant low-growing bulbs, such as grape hyacinths, in front taller flowers, such as tulips,
    • The grape hyacinths are emerging, the tulips I thought I killed last year are shooting through the soil, and an iris I was sure was a goner has some fresh sprouts.
    • As well as the old favourites of daffs and tulips, try bluebells, snowflakes, grape hyacinths, lily of the valley, fritillaries, alliums, lilies of every kind and colour, tender types such as freesias.