Traducción de grasp en Español:


agarrar, v.

Pronunciación /ɡræsp//ɡrɑːsp/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(seize)

      (object/person) agarrar
      (opportunity/offer) aprovechar
      • It is our intention to work closely in partnership to grasp this opportunity to inject renewed momentum into the process.
      • The uncertainties and hazards that made war so unpredictable and uncontrollable were not barriers to be eliminated but opportunities to be grasped and exploited.
      • I grasped his hand firmly and he walked up to the desk.
      • However, David is ready to grasp his opportunity should it be presented.
      • I stepped forward and grasped the letter-opener firmly, then pulled it out of his hands.
      • Private operators have grasped this opportunity, attracting new medical talent from as far afield as Canada, South Africa and the US.
      • Would-be entrepreneurs can pick up advice on how to make a million by attending a course which will tackle the blend of skills they need to grasp opportunities that may crop up.
      • Unfortunately most of them didn't appear to want to grasp that opportunity.
      • Let's just say that I am not slow to grasp the opportunities which this affords.
      • Better still, it provided the facilities to get to know them better and we grasped the opportunity to quiz some of this year's new faces.
      • Use the most accessible implement at your disposal which can be grasped firmly by hand.
      • Her blood-red lips and hooded eyes, her large hands firmly grasping the wheel, all convey a woman in control of her destiny.
      • Still firmly grasping Ethan by the arm, Giles propelled him to Melissa's side.
      • The two men - who Rob later found out were orderlies - firmly grasped Rob by his arms and carried him out to the car.
      • He extends a limp hand which Sharon grasps firmly.
      • John grasped Rob firmly by the wrist and moved toward the door.
      • Avon grasped the Divine Crystal firmly in his hands and scanned the landscape, but was unable to see anything.
      • Similarly, the opportunity should be grasped to ease internal tensions.
      • Her eyes pleaded with him, her hand still firmly grasping his.
      • She ran her pencil down the paper that was firmly grasped in her left hand.
      • Robin reached out, grasped it firmly again, and started to take a step forward.
      • If we do not grasp this opportunity we will be doing a disservice to the residents of this borough.
      • There is a warning there that we could fall behind, but there is also an opportunity to be grasped.
      • Its long, smooth blade glints in the lights as she grasps the handle firmly in both hands.
      • But as Jack drew near, he saw that the reins were firmly grasped in one hand, as if the rider had been riding Western style.
      • Sarah grasped Matthew firmly round the waist, pulling him towards the stairs.
      • Michael quickly fell asleep in his bed, his hand grasping mine which was clutching back frantically.
      • To fail to grasp these opportunities really is truly criminal.
      • The attitude of the local council is lamentable in not grasping this opportunity with both hands.
      • Yet he has grasped his opportunities and appears genuinely keen to learn from the opportunity to work with some of the most established stars in the industry.
      • On the way, Daryn's hand snaked over to mine and grasped mine firmly, giving it a squeeze, which I returned.
      • There's no need to run to the law for change, there are people trying to cater for you and you fail to grasp your opportunities.
      • Training opportunities are also grasped, from the routine business of minehunting to casualty-handling, salvage and firefighting.
      • The Party eagerly grasped the opportunity to use his celebrity status to raise its public profile.
      • I stared at his hand, and after a beat of silence, grasped it firmly, my eyes twinkling dangerously.
      • Whether or not we shall grasp the opportunities to do so is entirely a different matter.
      • "We will grasp such an opportunity to provide local economic development with greater momentum, " he said.
      • She turned and grasped him firmly, making ready to fly him to safety.
      • ‘Life is all about grasping opportunities,’ she says, which explains how she wound up owning a hotel.
      • He rushed to the scene with the container firmly grasped in his hand.

    • 1.2(hold tightly)

      tener agarrado

  • 2

    (distinction/concept/idea) captar
    I hadn't grasped the fact that she was leaving no había caído en la cuenta de que se iba
    • As with an ancient ritual, the meanings of this game cannot be fully grasped.
    • At that time, this fact had not been fully grasped by some of the more traditional sporting bodies.
    • It was all so above her understanding, but somehow she knew that they loved each other, in some way that could never be fully grasped.
    • The result is spectacular, breathtaking, and needs to be seen to be grasped fully.
    • However, their profundity is usually very elusive and it may take weeks, months or even years to fully grasp their significance.
    • This seems so obvious that it is a surprise when scientists don't grasp this very simple idea.
    • The ultimate power of advances such as cable and satellite could not be fully grasped in the 1960s.
    • Security is a complex science that most fail to grasp comprehensively.
    • I don't think people have fully grasped the significance of what's occurred.
    • Fully grasping a concept involves understanding its relationships to other concepts.
    • Although the basic ideas can be grasped relatively quickly, the full method takes longer to absorb.
    • I know that this state of affairs is not fully grasped by the general public in Europe and North America.
    • In general, most patients fail to fully grasp and follow even basic health care instructions.
    • That is something that I think some previous speakers in this debate seem to have not grasped as fully as they might.
    • Further, what is infinitely great cannot be fully grasped by our finite minds.
    • I use irrational here to mean something which human reason is ill-equipped to grasp or comprehend, but which may nonetheless play an important role in human affairs.
    • Nations without our long history of a free press may not grasp this.
    • Here again, the significance of this development can only be fully grasped on the basis of Marx's analysis of the commodity form.
    • I sensed that she had fully grasped what I was proposing, and she was already mentally writing a floor speech in support of such a bill.
    • Without this crucial element, we can never expect to grasp fully the workings of large-group psychology.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (reach out for)
    to grasp at sth tratar de agarrar algo
  • 2

    (take advantage of)
    to grasp at an opportunity aprovechar una oportunidad
    • to grasp at an excuse valerse de una excusa


  • 1

    • 1.1(grip)

      his grasp on my arm tightened me apretó más el brazo
      • he tightened his grasp on my arm me apretó más el brazo
      • she's totally in his grasp la tiene totalmente en sus garras
      • Matching his actions, she took it in a firm grasp and shook it quickly.
      • Each of the sailors had a firm grasp on her elbows and shoulders, and she attempted to kick them away, but missed.
      • Unfortunately, Jonathan had a firm grasp on one of Angela's thighs.
      • I just want to run through the aisles, and that is exactly what I would do, if only Chester didn't have her hand in a firm grasp around my wrist.
      • He had a firm grasp on her arm, but when she turned to him, he avoided her gaze.
      • Once or twice her feet lost their footing, but with a firm grasp of the rope, Charlie was able to regain her balance, and continue repelling downward.
      • He placed a firm grasp on her shoulders and looked into her eyes that were welled with tears.
      • All students are accompanied by the instructor who has a firm grasp on them and on an anchor line to make sure they don't go up too fast and damage their eardrums.
      • With that, he moved his fingers to have a firmer grasp on the gun.
      • The child squirmed free of the man's grasp and fell to the ground.
      • Putting a firm grasp around his waist, she practically dragged him into the joining room across the splintering and cracked floorboards.
      • I ran harder, but Jessica's war cry rung in my ears and she collided into me, taking a firm grasp of my arm and pulled me in a rather strong headlock.
      • He stepped out of the shadows, but a firm grasp of his arm pulled him backward again.
      • Jason put his hands on Jed's shoulder and took a firm grasp.
      • She tried to rip her wrist out of his grip but his grasp was too firm.
      • His gaze quickly shifted down to the journal in the blond man's grasp.
      • After an eternity, I somehow managed to pull my hand from my mother's grasp.
      • His grasp was firm, but not painful, until he took her by the wrist.
      • It felt like I was suffocating, like someone had taken a firm grasp around my throat and wasn't thinking about letting go anytime soon.
      • Scott stepped forward, and took my hand in a firm grasp, kissing it lightly.

    • 1.2(reach)

      alcance masculino
      victory is (with)in our grasp la victoria está a nuestro alcance
      • beyond their grasp fuera de su alcance
      • the prize has eluded her grasp el premio se le ha ido de las manos
      • We are surrounded by saleable items whose availability is within the grasp of our hands.
      • That's our court, that's within our jurisdiction, within our grasp.
      • Classical dance and music are no longer elitist, but within the grasp of middle income Indians.
      • Many are walking around dazed and bewildered at the shape of things and the grasp of power.
      • But the grasp of politicians on power is not likely to loosen quickly and the alternative democratic leadership is slow to develop.
      • With technology within the grasp of the artist herself, the ramifications are massive.
      • Many top jobs are within the grasp of historians.
      • To come back from a seven point deficit may have been just about within the grasp of the West side but now they had a mountain to climb
      • Meanwhile, even international destinations are within the grasp of cycle commuters.
      • It's brought being on television within the grasp of the common people, and that's exciting for us.
      • Then, as now, good writing is within the grasp of those who seek it.
      • For those within the grasp of capital, however, more is necessary than simply to understand the nature of capital and its roots in exploitation.
      • Tasmania's State Library in Hobart has placed some of the state's most precious musical heritage within the grasp of music lovers everywhere.
      • Yes, I suppose it is, but it's also achievable and is within the grasp of the farming and rural communities throughout the county and beyond.
      • Jargon is used to put up a smokescreen, hiding principles which are well within the grasp of the average citizen.
      • Living in a work of art is a luxury always available to the rich, but also within the grasp of anyone who is in the habit of saving for a holiday.
      • I suppose being within the grasp of freedom will do that to you.
      • All of it started to assemble, speeding up, the grasp on his power lost.
      • There are those who snigger that it was a fine strategy by the old comrades, who have perfected the art of using each other for keeping power within their grasp.
      • It is not unattainable, it is within the reach and grasp of all who strive and aspire to have it.

  • 2

    (understanding) comprensión femenino
    (knowledge) conocimientos masculino
    he has a poor grasp of the problem no tiene una comprensión cabal del problema
    • she has a good grasp of the subject tiene conocimientos sólidos del tema
    • But what so many commentators fail to grasp is an understanding of the experience of an athlete at the height of his powers, and in doing so they are losing sight of the appeal of sport.
    • His grasp of the details of the project and his excellent writing skills should combine to produce a highly readable book for creationist laymen.
    • You have to understand and have a grasp of what is going to happen.
    • Consequences are incurred which damage our children and our society far beyond the grasp of most commentators.
    • He liked David and they got on well together, as he invented games and lent him books which he saw and asked to borrow, even though Li felt they were beyond the grasp of a child.
    • Linux novices often find virtual memory mysterious, but with a grasp of the fundamental concepts, it's easy to understand.
    • Although I can see that there is an image contained upon it, the details remain beyond my grasp.
    • He delegated to junior ministers, but retained a formidable grasp of the policy details.
    • We have also included a graph and table which are not beyond the grasp of even the less than numerate.
    • And we are not seeing what is actually there in the real time of stars, a concept quite beyond my grasp.
    • They have an excellent sense of expediency and grasp of the details which enables them to make quick, effective decisions.
    • Players are intelligent, have vision and an incredible grasp of reality because it's called livelihood.
    • Some of the matters I cover even seem to be beyond the grasp of a lot of my academic colleagues.
    • True love is the elation that comes of true knowledge, an intuitive grasp of the world.
    • The more she recalls - and she seems to have a vivid grasp of details - the more pained she seems by her weakness and denial.
    • He also displayed a good grasp of the detail of the issues covered.
    • They were encouraged to solve their own problems, which, I suspect, gave them an intuitive grasp of the concept that not all problems can be solved.
    • But most people understood her grasp on the position was tenuous at best.
    • He is favourably disposed to rivers and canals, exhibiting an impressive grasp of detail.
    • In other words, if we lack an emotional grasp of a concept, the intellectual awareness alone may not suffice to deter us from repeating a mistake.