Traducción de grassy en Español:


cubierto de hierba, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɡrɑːsi//ˈɡræsi/

adjetivograssiest, grassier

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    cubierto de hierba
    • Go up the steep grassy slope until it evens out and you reach the summit of John's Hill at 1,585 ft.
    • The fans certainly looked like they didn't have a care in the world as they lay in their hundreds sunning themselves on the grassy slopes surrounding the stadium in the hours before the game.
    • No sooner had we climbed the grassy slopes to the top than a breeze appeared to blow the mist away, revealing the island speckled waters of Loch Lomond.
    • It's rejuvenating… like fingerpainting, or rolling down a grassy slope.
    • They walked down the grassy slope that had become so familiar to them, following the gently worn path to the edge of the forest.
    • Now there were sheep grazing on the grassy slopes.
    • The forest thinned as branches parted; a few hamlets dotted grassy slopes below and thickly-wooded hills reared above.
    • The ridge was framed clearly and through it moved the clouds, covering the grassy valley and twisting lodgepole pines.
    • Continue over the slippery rocks round to the other side, and clamber up a steep, grassy slope.
    • There was no grassy slope at that point, just an almost sheer drop to the coastal road below.
    • Present herds remain largely confined to areas of recent burn and grassy, south-facing slopes.
    • It was grassy and covered with dandelions, and at the bottom of the hill was a small pond.
    • High risk no-tillage corn planted in grassy ground cover should be inspected regularly.
    • Snow covered the grassy expanse behind the house, and the small pond out back had a thin layer of ice forming over its black waters.
    • Designers showcased clothes in the spring and summer collection in London that would look at home on the grassy slopes of Austria and Switzerland.
    • The grassy slopes are criss-crossed with paths and, at weekends, smothered with people.
    • Stepping carefully down a slippery grassy slope, with trash littered on either side of the narrow footworn path through the weeds, we made our way under a low bridge.
    • They rolled down the grassy slope through the rabbit droppings that were probably there when I did my own rolling but was too young to care.
    • Children and adults can enjoy sliding down the grassy slopes on cardboard boxes.
    • I turned my mare down the grassy slope and we gained the road that would bring us to the trees.