Traducción de gratification en Español:


gratificación, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɡrædəfəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n//ɡratɪfɪˈkeɪʃn/


  • 1

    gratificación femenino
    satisfacción femenino
    to my immense gratification para mi gran satisfacción
    • I play the piano for my own gratification toco el piano por satisfacción personal / por placer
    • Social and legal regimes of domination and suppression organize to support production imperatives with gratification of sexual desire and the reproduction of labor.
    • Since they evoked feelings of gratification and satisfaction, uncertainty abounds as to whether they should be erased it into oblivion.
    • If in your childhood, you have your need for sexual gratification satisfied in some bizarre way, then that carries with you.
    • To put you in the mood to buy, the product is associated with youth, pleasure, desire, ease, gratification, satisfaction.
    • Also released were desires for instant gratification - sport, dancing, sex - and people who had been in low spirits for so long now seemed intent on seizing what pleasure they could and enjoying it for as long as it would last.
    • That is one reason why it is difficult to know whether the way we are going will enable us to experience the enjoyment, gratification, and satisfaction we seek.
    • For another, willingness to sacrifice on behalf of post-war reconstruction gave way to demands for immediate gratification, and satisfying those demands could not be put off indefinitely.
    • A life of continuous gratification of desire may be better, other things being equal, than one where the same desires were not gratified.
    • Secondly, and most trivially, if you extend her argument she is effectively saying that she's only doing it as a public service; she's not going to get any personal gain or gratification from it.
    • Children who can delay their desire for instant gratification have been shown to do better in all walks of career and financial future.
    • And as long as you continue to remember that sex is all about mutual gratification and satisfaction, you're on the right track.
    • Your sex drive is strong and you desire instant gratification.
    • Even that most satisfying and productive of human pleasures, sexual gratification, has stayed much the same.
    • The rise of the internet has been intimately connected with the gratification of sexual desire.
    • It's hardly news that the human thirst for sexual gratification is powerful and various, but there's another basic need tangled up in our sex lives that is nearly as difficult to define as it is to satisfy.
    • It has been alleged he may have done it for sadistic kicks rather than financial gain or sexual gratification.
    • He said he did not gain sexual gratification from the images and was interested in why gay people wanted to communicate in this way because he was studying psychology.
    • For others it may mean serving the poor and gaining mental gratification.
    • Indeed, experiencing sexual pleasure and gratification, even in marriage, may be interpreted as evidence of a lack of purity and virtue in women.
    • His own desires for personal gratification are all subjugated to his priestly office.