Traducción de gratuitous en Español:


gratuito, adj.

Pronunciación /ɡrəˈt(j)uədəs//ɡrəˈtjuːɪtəs/


  • 1

    • 1.1derogatory (unnecessary)

      (insult/violence/remark) gratuito
      • Is the film a gratuitous violence fest or maybe just a blatant metaphor for how greed corrupts?
      • He will be shown gratuitous sex and graphic violence, hidden behind innuendo and called a romantic comedy.
      • In other words, humour should be neither gratuitous nor excessive, but judicious.
      • This adaptation will have its critics, and it'll be hard to answer their accusations of gratuitous violence.
      • The gratuitous gossip included claims of domestic violence, adultery and abusive relationships.
      • And no films with gratuitous violence, nudity or profanity were allowed.
      • It is extremely painful to watch and yet the violence is never gratuitous.
      • And indeed, it's hard to imagine a device that inflicts more gratuitous damage on the environment.
      • Graphic, gratuitous sex is as commonplace as graphic, gratuitous violence and no-one bats an eyelid.
      • I don't think there's an audience for gratuitous blasphemy or for gratuitous swearing - because it's boring.
      • Once you've got over all the rampant misogyny and gratuitous, comic-book violence, it's an entertaining night in.
      • Now, the only thing left to talk about is all of the gratuitous violence, which will certainly be a hot topic, no matter how well the film does.
      • The violence gets fairly gratuitous, but again, depending on your taste, maybe that's a selling point.
      • There are people who turn out for these things solely to indulge in a bit of gratuitous violence, hoping it'll spread.
      • I was unimpressed by the litany of self - destruction, violence and gratuitous sexism.
      • His death seemed so gratuitous, so uncalled for, that at first I couldn't figure out why it was in the film.
      • Extreme violence, at times gratuitous, is a recurring motif in his early films.
      • These are the people who like to censor rap lyrics and condemn gratuitous violence, and the violence here seems pretty gratuitous.
      • This is gratuitous violence, sick, bone-crunching, vicious and obscene.
      • The violence was gratuitous and appalling, but the film could be dismissed as essentially cartoonish.

    • 1.2derogatory (groundless)

      (conclusion/supposition) infundado

  • 2formal

    (estimate/sample) gratuito
    • We are not aware of any cases in which the nonlawyer provider of gratuitous legal advice, such as to a friend or relative, was charged under these laws.
    • These licences are essentially gratuitous, since if any charge was made for them, they would be regarded as contractual.
    • Court employees should cite this Principle when pressed by those seeking gratuitous legal advice.
    • It was a voluntary and gratuitous offer by the chambers to provide education and training.
    • They were gratuitous volunteers, not bona fide purchasers for value without notice.