Traducción de graveside en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɡreɪvsaɪd//ˈɡreɪvsʌɪd/


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    prayers were read at the graveside se leyeron oraciones junto a la tumba
    • friends gathered at the graveside los amigos se reunieron alrededor de su tumba
    • It does not pay to extol someone, catalogue their achievements at the graveside while they were ignored in life.
    • Prayers will be said at the graveside before the coffin is removed and taken to a Hospital for tests by a Home Office pathologist.
    • There was without doubt a dog who followed its master's funeral procession and hung around the graveside from 1858 to 1872.
    • In his first sentence he stated that the funeral was a graveside burial and gave the time and place.
    • A grieving mother today told of her despair after thieves stole treasured mementoes of her dead son as she visited his graveside.
    • During a graveside service, a widow and her son stood near the casket as the minister applauded the life of their husband and father.
    • This may sound odd, but some of my happiest childhood memories have grave connotations - that is, they come from time spent by gravesides.
    • They carefully placed their tokens of love - toys, trinkets and flowers - back at the graveside and prayed the vandals would stay away.
    • They had a small graveside service for him and received an abundance of cards and flowers from friends and family.
    • After prayers at the graveside, she was laid to rest under a carpet of floral tributes as many people offered their sympathies with the family.
    • The bugle was sounded at the graveside in his honour.
    • As a last farewell and tribute to John, the local choir gave a rendition of Auld Lang Syne at the graveside.
    • Visitors to the Cemetery have been upset after a new sign went up banning ornaments, artificial flowers, jam jars and vases by gravesides.
    • Family and friends of a landlord who died tragically 11 days ago have marked his birthday with a graveside celebration.
    • Regular visitors to a York cemetery have reacted furiously to a ‘devastating’ ban on placing ornaments and artificial flowers by gravesides.
    • The cortège, accompanied by about 40 family and friends, was then returning to the cemetery for a short graveside service.
    • Prayers were recited at the graveside where a large number of people offered their sympathy and support to the family.
    • Tommy officiated at the Mass and said the graveside prayers.
    • It was all quite surreal as we pulled up at the graveside.
    • They were greeted at the church by members of the the regiment the Duke served with in the Second World War, the Coldstream Guards whose band played at his graveside.