Traducción de gravity en Español:


gravedad, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡrævədi//ˈɡravɪti/


  • 1

    gravedad femenino
    the force of gravity la fuerza de la gravedad
    • The ball will fall to the floor due to the force of gravity pulling it down.
    • Life on earth has evolved in the accelerative force of gravity, which attracts all material towards the centre of the earth and gives a mass of material the characteristic which we term weight.
    • Objects exert a force of gravity because they have mass and the more mass they have the stronger the force of gravity they exert.
    • Physics has found only four forces in nature: gravity, electromagnetism, weak nuclear, and strong nuclear.
    • Certainly, every type of matter we have ever encountered feels the attractive force of gravity.
  • 2

    • 2.1(seriousness)

      gravedad femenino
      • He played this part with gravity and dignity, and in an understated style which set off the flamboyant persona of Henry VIII.
      • His service in the Senate, while not describable as stellar, has featured some important moments of gravity and responsibility.
      • That said, it was well researched and balanced with just enough savage irony to break the gravity with levity.
      • An air of gravity and solemnity pervaded the president's remarks as a stunned nation listened by radio.
      • The word Glasgow means Dear Green Place, but the grey Scottish sky adds gravity and seriousness to already formidable architecture.
      • Velazquez painted a face of preoccupied gravity, of someone with great concerns.
      • It bestows on cricket though a gravity that goes way beyond just two teams of 11 fit young people playing a game against each other, doesn't it?
      • They did not treat the occasion with the gravity and dignity it deserved.
      • Her tone betrayed the gravity of her thoughts, and he gave her a peculiar look.
      • This was a rather new experience for them, as elves are regarded as serious creatures, who contemplate things with an utmost gravity and never laugh out loud.
      • A woman in a grey dress and white apron, holding a little girl by the hand, approached, and spoke with gravity and great sweetness.
      • ‘But we're very influential and important people,’ I say, with great mock gravity.
      • His drawings are very much like the way he spoke, with gravity, irony, and with unexpected turns of humor.
      • Rivka, Regine and Vera are older, mature characters who bring to the film both the weight of experience and the gravity of thoughtfulness.
      • He exuded dignity and gravity and he was courteous to counsel and witnesses alike.

    • 2.2(of person, expression)

      gravedad femenino
      circunspección femenino