Traducción de great white shark en Español:

great white shark

gran tiburón blanco, n.


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    gran tiburón blanco masculino
    • Whales, dolphins, enormous groupers, turtles, whale sharks, manta rays, great whites, hammerheads - they all play a starring role in attracting divers to worldwide destinations.
    • He uses the sub to dive incognito among the oceans’ top predators, great white sharks.
    • Surprisingly little has been known about how the great white shark goes about its daily business.
    • Considered the most aggressive of sharks, the great white may be drawn to this region because of the presence of the sea lions, on which it feeds.
    • Beaches south of Cape Town have been put on shark alert after great whites made two attempts on human prey.
    • However, for other shark researchers the key question isn't whether there are great whites swimming off the U.K., but why they have not been seen before.
    • Is it not inevitable that the great whites will follow in their wake?
    • You've dived often with sharks, including great whites.
    • They are probably one of the most feared sharks after the great white.
    • Bait is also used at Dangerous Reef, in South Australia, but there the sharks are great whites, and the divers are in cages.
    • Most people, when they hear the word ‘shark,’ may still think of a huge great white shark, like the one in Jaws.
    • All the theories about the megalodon are based on studies of great whites and other sharks.
    • A high fat diet is mandatory for the great white to maintain its body temperature and keep its brain warm in cold water.
    • Illegal fishing for great whites openly takes place in South Africa, with the perpetrators being so brazen as to advertise their activities in some of the world's largest game fishing magazines.
    • The seals also displace the penguins from breeding sites and, together with great white sharks, prey on the penguins.
    • Populations of thresher sharks are down by 80 per cent and great whites by 79%.
    • The most common myth is that great whites, with their poor vision, attack divers and surfers in wet suits, mistaking them for pinnipeds (seals and sea lions), their main prey.
    • We see many of the same great whites each year, and every year they display the same personality traits.
    • If most sharks, including great whites, enter freshwater, their internal salt levels become diluted.
    • Further studies are needed on other species such as the great white, mako and oceanic whitetip.