Traducción de green belt en Español:

green belt

zona verde, n.



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    zona verde femenino
    • Sevenoaks Council has issued a warning to people thinking about buying plots of land in the green belt for housing.
    • They say the area is in the green belt and the proposed retail development is totally inappropriate and would set an unacceptable precedent if approved.
    • There should be no further erosion of the green belt.
    • In fact, this is little more than a cleverly disguised plan to build houses on historic green belt land.
    • It will ruin a green belt area and our lovely country village.
    • In addition, the public generally may be affected if, for example, conservation areas or the green belt is affected.
    • The green belt must be safeguarded and any encroachment of this must be strongly opposed at all costs.
    • Bradford Council said the site was in a green belt area, which imposed restrictions on applications.
    • Last week, both ministers advocated ripping up Britain's green belt to solve the housing crisis.
    • The owners of several sites have also carried out changes of use and minor building work on green belt land, without planning permission.
    • About 80 per cent of the City of York Council area is within the green belt.
    • ‘We are preserving as much green belt land as we possibly can,’ she said.
    • Little can be built in the grounds of a Grade One listed building and the area is also in a conservation area and green belt.
    • The council has a policy to refuse new buildings in the green belt unless they are for farming, forestry, outdoor sport and recreation or in very special circumstances.
    • One of the biggest concerns for the town council is if we allow this one, it would open up the green belt to other applications.
    • With its two spectacular churches dominating the skyline, its sprawling green belt and historic buildings, the market town of Beverley continues to attract incomers.
    • The area stands within the green belt despite having been an industrial site in use since the late 18th century.
    • Relaxing planning controls over development in the green belt would unleash a wave of unsustainable urban sprawl.
    • Secondly it is a green belt site and the council has a policy to develop brown belt first.
    • The firm must demonstrate ‘very special circumstances’ for building in the green belt.