Traducción de greenfly en Español:


pulgón, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡriːnflʌɪ//ˈɡrinˌflaɪ/

nombrePlural greenflies


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    pulgón masculino
    • Ladybirds are well known predators of greenflies and other aphids.
    • Natural enemies of greenflies are ladybird larvae, hoverfly larvae, gall-fly larvae, lacewings and earwigs.
    • Wipe greenfly off plants with your fingers or spray plants with soft soap or a pesticide containing pirimicarb.
    • For safe and effective control of greenfly a range of products can be used.
    • Fortunately ladybirds love to eat greenfly and they can help the gardener to control them without having to use chemical sprays which can also kill helpful insects.
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    pulgones masculino