Traducción de Greenwich Mean Time en Español:

Greenwich Mean Time

hora de Greenwich, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɡrɛnɪtʃ ˈmin ˌtaɪm//ɡrɛnɪtʃˈmiːntʌɪm/


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    hora de Greenwich femenino
    • For a while, local time and London time co-existed uneasily side by side: then in 1880, an Act of Parliament made Greenwich Mean Time the legal time for the whole of Britain.
    • The current time is 06: 47 PM Greenwich Mean Time.
    • Universal Time, UTC (which is effectively the same as Greenwich Mean Time, GMT) may be read from the atomic clock at the US Naval Observatory.
    • Mean Solar Time at the Greenwich Meridian is called GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) or UT.
    • Blast-off is scheduled for 11: 36 pm Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, February 25th, 7: 36 Greenwich Mean Time, Thursday, February 26.