Traducción de greeny en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɡrini//ˈɡriːni/


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    • The bird was black with bright greeny blue feathers; Jed had always been fascinated by birds.
    • He walked into his room with the small white kitten with greeny blue eyes.
    • ‘Try this one on first,’ said the lady, holding out the greeny yellow dress.
    • James Joyce's Ulysses is another classic that is instantly recognisable from its original greeny / blue cover
    • Once rhubarb becomes thick and turns that greeny colour, it is stringy and loses the sharp, bright flavour that heralds the spring.
    • An unusual colour for me, since my dad had brown eyes and my mum had greeny blue.
    • The only quibble is that the greeny blue it chose as a backdrop is a bit irritating on the eye.
    • She has a full head of hair and blue eyes that may change (both parents have brown eyes, although she may have her uncle's - ie mine - bluey / greeny / grey eyes when she grows up).
    • Called Crown Prince, it's a flattish round shape, pale greeny grey and bright orange inside.
    • Michael nodded, his greeny blue eyes soft with sympathy.
    • Although perhaps best known as the former HQ of London's horrific Capital Radio, the building's greeny glass sub-Miesian facade also allegedly once concealed M15's telephone network.
    • With their gnarled trunks, silvery green leaves and branches weighed down with small greeny black olives, they look as old as the world.
    • Breakfast was on the terrace and looked down over a river with a graceful and tranquil feel; the relentless brown had given way, much further south now, to a greeny blue.
    • Lots of dark, ripe fruit on the nose with cedar wood and a slight greeny leafiness.
    • Glazes were almost universally lead based, giving a greeny yellow colour, although copper or iron could be added to change the colour or add speckles of a different colour.
    • She had strawberry blond hair, greeny blue eyes and was of medium build.
    • She came back with hair that was, to put it kindly, a greeny orange rather than blonde.
    • Ancona judges are looking for - among other things - white tips to all feathers, yellow legs with mottling, iridescent greeny / black colouring, a good red comb on the head with around five spikes and white ear lobes.