Traducción de greet en Español:


recibir, v.

Pronunciación /ɡriːt//ɡrit/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(welcome, receive)

      (client/guest) recibir
      (client/guest) darle la bienvenida a
      she greeted me with the news that … me recibió con la noticia de que …
      • This is why we should greet with interest the news that schools could be allowed to stagger their lesson times to ease the traffic chaos caused by the school run.
      • The news was greeted with dismay by parents' representatives, unions and opposition politicians.
      • My new boss owned the small PR agency and he greeted me with a broad, welcoming smile. I really liked him.
      • The decision was greeted with enthusiasm and gratitude by their many stateside fans.
      • News of the production was not greeted with universal delight last week.
      • In the village street, many people stopped to greet me and welcome my brother and his wife.
      • This news was greeted with a resounding cheer from the pub.
      • Several of the company had smiled at her in recognition and a few were hurrying over to greet her.
      • Known for their hospitality, the villagers and shop owners always greet visitors warmly and loudly in Mandarin Chinese.
      • I was greeted at the door by Sean, officially the hottest guy on earth.
      • Walking upstairs, he met a couple of neighbours, who greeted him in a polite way.
      • Diego was greeted enthusiastically by Rosa as he opened the door the next afternoon.
      • His article was greeted with outrage by the scientific establishment.
      • But the move has been greeted with derision by sitting Euro MPs.
      • News of the announcement was greeted warmly by Waterford City Councillor Davy Walsh, the committee chairman.
      • One greets with arched eyebrows the news that Fiat intends to launch a four-wheel-drive, off-road version of the Panda later this year.
      • His PR officer greets all guests with a professional smile.
      • Upon entry, we were immediately greeted by several waiters and offered the table of our choice.
      • The theory has, however, been greeted with scepticism by several experts.
      • Familiar faces hove into view and the barman greets me by name even though I've not been here for eight months.
      • The far right party's victory was greeted with dismay by the Council's political leaders.
      • You're greeted by an attractive person who asks you how you are, and seems interested in your answer.
      • Smiling customs and immigration officers were pleasant and greeted us with welcoming gestures.
      • Grant seems remarkably well adjusted, a suggestion he greets with a laugh.
      • Stefan greets me enthusiastically: ‘Welcome to the office, this is where it all happens!’
      • That would be one scientific breakthrough that I would greet with open arms.
      • Giles looked more than a little stunned to see his welcoming committee all greeting him at once.
      • He began at 6.30 am, greeting men arriving for work at the naval yard in nearby Portsmouth.
      • I walked into the amphitheatre bar and the barman greeted me.
      • His resignation was greeted with joy in some quarters at the university.
      • There was always a sense of underlying dissatisfaction in the reviews that greeted X-Men.
      • The cashiers were friendly, enthusiastically greeting customers and waving them on their way all in the traditional American style.
      • When we landed in Ramstein, Germany, there was no one to greet us or welcome us back.
      • No stranger to publicity, Wilson was most gratified by the media frenzy that greeted this apparent heresy.
      • But this is not a phrase that is greeted with enthusiasm by Sharon Moore.
      • Casey spun around to see Lori, Jenny and Alex walking up to greet her, their faces beaming and welcoming.
      • The final whistle was greeted with cheers of jubilation and sighs of relief.
      • Higgs greets all this with remarkable modesty.
      • ‘Welcome to Beirut,’ Shepherd says as he greets me later the same morning, dressed in his chef's whites.

    • 1.2(say hello to)

      (acquaintance/friend) saludar

  • 2

    (react to)
    the proposal was greeted with enthusiasm la propuesta fue acogida / recibida con entusiasmo
  • 3

    a delicious smell greeted my nostrils as I opened the door al abrir la puerta me llegó un olor delicioso
    • a horrible sight greeted us un espectáculo horroroso se ofreció a nuestra vista
    • the sound of violins greeted her ears oyó música de violines