Traducción de grid en Español:


rejilla, n.

Pronunciación /ɡrɪd//ɡrɪd/


  • 1

    (grating over opening)
    rejilla femenino
    • ‘Some of the shafts are 360 feet deep and although those near the footpaths are fenced off and protected with metal grids, the majority which are scattered all over are not,’ he said.
    • Metal exclusion grids and escape hatches are now in use in prawn fisheries around the world to stop bigger fish being wastefully killed.
    • The windows on the opposite wall as the doors had metal grids with openings small enough to prevent anything bigger than the open palm of a regular human from passing through.
    • Metal decking grids rang under his feet when he stepped from the lift, drowning the hum as the door closed.
    • The floor was a mesh of metal grids that were uncomfortable to stand on.
    • The cell was empty except for a toilet in the corner, one side of the wall covered by a metal grid.
    • The rooftop water tank is supported by a dense grid of 1m thick parallel brick walls penetrated by arches to create a series of 4m wide vaults.
    • An armed and uniformed stranger handcuffs and takes away your parent, then places you in a police car, where you are separated from your rescuer by a metal grid.
    • Simple window grids prevent falls, but still let in plenty of air & sunlight.
    • If Ryan found himself stranded on the lower deck, he would stick his feet through the metal grid and try to unseat his smug-faced sibling from the upper bunk.
    • The only significant feature left on the premises is a strikingly tall, narrow metal grid, twisted and contorted as it faces skyward.
    • The grids are made from metal or vinyl in a color that matches the window's frame, giving the appearance of a traditional window.
    • Suspended ceilings are hung from the ceiling joists with a metal grid.
    • Look down through the metal grid and you'll be faced with a gut-churning drop to the ground.
    • Following complaints from villagers that the sheep were marauding through their gardens, metal road grids were installed as a deterrent.
    • The discomfort underfoot was gone, the metal grids replaced by a beige floor covering softer than sand.
    • Some were trying to lift gratings and grids in an attempt to enter the sewers whilst a few attempted to break down the doors leading into the Black Tower.
    • A metal grid set around the edge of the pitch diffuses faint natural light into this inner sanctum.
    • I look up, and stuck on any available space on the lighting grid are giant nets filled with balloons.
    • The metal grid on the front panel facilitates ventilation of the device.
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    • 2.1Geografía
      (on map)

      cuadriculado masculino
      • For example, on geographers' globes of the Earth we use a grid of latitude and longitude lines to label positions on the Earth's surface uniquely.
      • If photography could fix images onto a precisely calibrated grid, it could become a useful tool for mapping, the primary activity of the survey.
      • I don't call in grid coordinates of my whereabouts any more.
      • He made another important contribution in using a grid to locate positions of places on the Earth.
      • These maps and grids will enable planning for operations in the subsequent field season.
      • The grid of longitude and latitude looks the same from either the ‘top’ or the ‘bottom’ of the world.
      • Essential tools include a bird identification field guide, a map of the airfield with a superimposed grid system for locating birds, and a pair of binoculars.

    • 2.2(pattern)

      cuadrícula femenino
      • Then draw a grid of larger squares on a piece of blank paper.
      • With the chalk line, mark a grid of roughly 30-inch squares on the concrete.
      • The results are then tabulated in a series of checklists or grids to indicate possible or probable health effects.
      • Other than the fact that word squares and Sudoku puzzles are both arranged in square grids, they really don't have much in common.
      • Mondrian's style of painting involved the use of strictly horizontal or vertical black lines to create a grid of rectangles, some of which were filled in with black or white, or vivid red, blue or yellow.
      • So we improvised, drawing a grid of squares and quickly writing one letter in each square.
      • Beyond the close, cleared about 1800, is a bustling city, still occupying the grid of streets laid out by the bishop's planners almost 800 years ago.
      • Each page had a grid with 60 numbered squares on it.
      • A series of 126x68 mm grids were placed over the transparencies.
      • Yet, despite the city's size and bewildering cultural mix, getting around it proves remarkably easy, with the grid of streets easily navigated by foot or subway and tram.
      • A digital image can be regarded as a square grid of points, or pixels, with each point having a particular shade of gray.
      • From there, a grid of cobbled streets march off into the middle distance.
      • When it comes to layout, you can affix photos on the wall in a grid, spaced only a few inches apart from one another, or you can center a bigger piece in the middle of your wall.
      • First, a single square in the grid is chosen to serve as the focal point.
      • Liverpool embarked in the 1830s on a programme of squares and terraces in sober brickwork within a grid of wide streets, modelled on Dublin.
      • Maramba was laid on a rectangular grid of streets and lanes, formerly 15 blocks in all, covering an area of less than one square kilometre.
      • From its neat grid of streets which parallel the long waterfront, a more chaotic jumble of lanes wriggle up the hillside.
      • Mathematically speaking, a cross-stitch pattern is simply a rectangular grid where some of the squares in the grid are filled with colors.
      • Your characters can only move so many spaces on the grid each turn.

  • 3Britanico

    red femenino
    the national grid la red de suministro de electricidad nacional
    • Consumers in Germany receive low-interest loans and a favorable guaranteed price when feeding excess electricity into the grid.
    • The transmission grid has been improved since then, reducing chances of another outage.
    • If it's tranquillity you're after, the Spanish countryside has it in abundance, though if you don't have a good water source or a connection to the electricity grid, life can become a struggle.
    • But we could alternatively send wind-turbine electricity through the grid and manufacture hydrogen locally.
    • He says the cost to upgrade the grid could run $100 billion over 10 years.
    • Nuclear power plants are connected to electricity grids in more than 30 countries and provide some 17% of the electricity consumed worldwide.
    • They also condemn the network of power plants that supply electricity to the grid.
    • Such rock-solid policies ended uncertainties about whether producers could sell their electricity into the grid and at what price.
    • And I think this is an indication of the fact that we need to modernize the electricity grid.
    • I mean, the networks, the information networks behind the grid, utility by utility, they don't talk to each other.
    • A major incident here in L.A. could shut down public infrastructure, power grids, food distribution networks, transportation arteries, and the phone lines - just to name a few.
    • So connect the electricity grids of east and west and one can supply the other when its own demand is low.
    • Aerial photos of Sydney were found in his possession with writings and maps relating to the national electricity grids and other utilities.
    • Worldport's Dublin site is also connected to the national electricity grid at two places to limit the impact of power failures.
    • As wholesale electric markets evolve, utility companies and other electric generators have greater incentive to stretch the grid to its limits to gain a competitive advantage.
    • In the short term, development experts say renewable energy systems would best help poor isolated villages without connections to electricity grids.
    • Yet the pumps all seem to have worked off the regular electrical grid with little or no local backup power.
    • The electrical power grid is also a mess.
    • I wish the president and the administration would talk more about modernizing our grid.
    • Another initiative is the creation of a 1,300 kilometre fibre trunk along the national power transmission grid.
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    electrodo masculino
    • Oscillating electric fields applied by grids above and below the plasma can resonantly excite its electrons.
    • He put brain cells on an electrode grid, and watched them grow connections between one another.
    • The carbon-platinum replicas were transferred from a finishing water bath onto copper electron microscope grids.
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    • 5.1starting gridDeporte

      parrilla de salida femenino

    • 5.2