Traducción de grimy en Español:


mugriento, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɡrʌɪmi//ˈɡraɪmi/

adjetivogrimiest, grimier

  • 1

    • Behind a grimy, barred window sits a chain-smoking woman of indeterminate age.
    • Still feeling grimy after the long day on the boat, she walked over to the washbasin to freshen up.
    • The security guard talks to someone on his radio and then pulls out a grimy duster and wipes the window clean.
    • He was dressed in grimy black clothes and it must have been months since he had shaved or showered.
    • All the children share two grimy double mattresses, on a double bunk in their tiny plywood bedroom.
    • During their imprisonment the couple, who claim they are innocent, were split up and put in grimy concrete cells.
    • Out in the car park Damian wiped his grubby nose on an equally grimy handkerchief.
    • The city centre has been spruced up in recent years, although to look at the grimy exteriors you wouldn't know it.
    • The campaign is part of a push to end Manchester's grimy industrial image and sell the city to the world as clean, green and modern.
    • Complete with sagging roof and grimy stairway, the flat was above a DIY shop and near a bus stop.
    • In Hong Kong, the management suite moved from the tony Central district to a grimy industrial estate.
    • I have a copy of the second edition, its original dust jacket tatty and grimy but intact.
    • What started as a pristine white shirt on Thursday morning was now really grimy.
    • The other location was York Street, a grimy thoroughfare running between Argyle Street and the river.
    • They wanted to shoot a car chase in a rundown alley but could not find anywhere sufficiently grimy and derelict.
    • It is hoped it will change people's perception of Sheffield as a grimy city which has never quite managed to lose its industrial past.
    • I've been living here since 1996 and have come a long way from the grimy flat I shared with my best mate B. years ago.
    • Pulling himself out from under the car, Jonnie Adair grabs a rag and wipes his grimy hands.
    • Add to that the fact that he never washed up and left bits of old takeaways lying around and you can get a good idea of how grimy this place was!
    • The men were all very grimy, and their weariness showed in their filthy faces.