Traducción de grip en Español:


Pronunciación /ɡrɪp//ɡrɪp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(hold)

      he has a tight grip agarra con fuerza
      • she held his arm in a strong grip lo tenía agarrado / asido fuertemente del brazo
      • he changed his grip cambió la forma en que tomaba la raqueta (or el bate etc.)
      • grip on sth
      • keep a good grip on the bar agárrate bien de la barra
      • he kept a firm grip on expenses llevaba un rígido control de los gastos
      • she managed to get a grip on the match in the third set consiguió dominar el partido en el tercer set
      • he never got a grip on the job no pudo con el trabajo
      • he lost his grip on the rope se le escapó la cuerda
      • he tightened his grip on my neck me apretó más el cuello
      • the company has tightened its grip on the market la empresa se ha afianzado en su dominio del mercado
      • the blackmailer had me in his grip el chantajista me tenía en sus garras
      • He maintained an iron grip on Russia and the east European satellites Russia controlled, until his death in March 1953.
      • My nutritionist advised that in order to be in optimum health for conceiving a baby, I must take a grip on my addiction.
      • With operations in more than 80 countries and a turnover last year of 15.8 billion, Michelin has a firm grip on its market.
      • In Wakefield, Labour retained its strong grip on power, keeping 17 of the 20 seats it was defending.
      • Flynn wants to keep a tight grip on the purse strings.
      • It vividly portrayed life as it was decades ago, when Catholicism had a firm grip on our society.
      • The Conservatives easily overturned the Labour group's tentative grip on power and took control with a majority of 17 seats in the town hall.
      • He was still miserable and alone, and despair maintained its grip upon him.
      • It seems that the Liberals are not only running the country now but have a tight grip on manipulating the media to suit its narrow agenda.
      • Thousands of public houses agreed to ban Happy Hour promotions yesterday, but campaigners said more action was needed to get a firm grip on binge drinking.
      • She was in Russia before the Socialists lost their iron grip on people there.
      • It is true, of course, that the vice president would say anything and do anything in order to maintain his grip on power.
      • Unfortunately for taxpayers, the authority has yet to get a proper grip on its finances.
      • Can there be a greater temptation for politicians than to have control of an asset that may ensure they keep a grip on power?
      • Should anyone be surprised that popular culture holds such a firm grip on teenagers?
      • They had another fine opportunity to take an early lead shortly afterwards as the home side failed to take a grip on the match.
      • The Conservatives kept a firm grip on all nine local seats as they strengthened their overall position on Bradford Council.
      • Beyond that, the thugs are organized in a manner designed to maintain a tight grip on power.
      • Cocaine culture has taken a firmer grip on society according to new statistics released by the Home Office which show a 16 per cent rise in offences last year.
      • In fact, the minister in his stance on selling off Aer Lingus but keeping a tight grip on the second terminal is living to his own expressed views on these key issues.

    • 1.2(of tires)

      adherencia femenino
      agarre masculino
      • The wheels rarely scrabble for grip even on the most treacherous surfaces.
      • Network Rail has installed new track and removed nearby trees to tackle the autumn problem of leaves on the line which can cause train wheels to lose grip.
      • When it rains it's difficult to spot which surface has good grip and which doesn't.
      • Normal running shoes offer little grip in the mud and on the steep hilly sections and we saw loads of folk struggling and slipping.
      • However, as the transmission senses loss of traction, so more power is sent to the wheels with the most grip.
      • Crampons fix onto your shoes to improve grip.
      • This is a well-balanced car with good mechanical grip to make the most of the smooth track surface.
      • The shoes have pretty good grip and are Gortex, so they should be pretty good in wet conditions.
      • Mr Clayton claimed that too little sand was used in the resin compound, so instead of giving extra grip, the surface became smooth and slippery.
      • Some of my leather shoes had absolutely no grip.
      • When wheelspin is detected, the power is distributed accordingly to the wheel with most grip.
      • Only the main trunk roads had been gritted, meaning anyone using other routes had to contend with icy and slippy surfaces that offered little grip.
      • The faster you go, the harder it is to maintain your grip.
      • When drivers find a way to slow down the rear axle, they can gain more grip in the rear wheels and improve the car's handling.
      • On the out lap, I lost front wheel grip and nearly went onto the race track.
      • It also allows for more pattern contact to improve uphill grip without reducing glide.
      • The saturated leather and damp timber cause the crews feet to slip, so some opt to remove their shoes for better grip.
      • Cars run on skinny snow tyres in Sweden, with sharp studs to penetrate the icy surface and find good grip underneath.
      • Before the crew could correct the problem, the front cog wheel lost its grip and the engine turned on its side, releasing the coach.
      • The front engine-rear drive layout ensures improved grip and better traction under acceleration as the weight of the car transfers to the rear.

  • 2

    (on handle)
    empuñadura femenino
    • It had wide, angular handle bars; edgy, rubber hand grips; and fat tires with treads!
    • There are also some rubberised grips on either side.
    • In keeping with the gun's modular component design, other types of buttstocks and grips can he attached if desired.
    • The little guy managed to sidestep the front of the bike but got winged in the gut by one of the handlebar grips.
    • They taught me how to use special cutlery with rubber grips on so that I could hold them more easily, how to dress and wash and how to do wheelchair transfers and even simple things like how to lay on my stomach comfortably.
    • The vertical alignment of the optics and the molded finger grips fits the shape of the user's hand.
    • The pistol grip is ergonomically shaped, well designed, and quite comfortable.
    • This device was simply a gas grill igniter with finger grips added, sold as a pain-reliever.
    • Maybe that's why I'm always working with my clubs, still experimenting with new grips and shafts, trying to get the weight just right.
    • A dragon carved into the hilts of the blades and the grip of the pistol marked their individuality.
    • I've even had - get this - the bar ends and grips stolen off of my handlebars.
    • The handle has a slightly flared hilt that both enhances the grip and protects the fingers during use.
    • All clubs have smaller grips and lightweight steel shafts.
    • One-piece aluminum or steel trowels often have handles covered with soft rubber or plastic grips.
    • It also has a unique grip for added control, supreme ventilation, and an elastic wrist wrap.
    • As with the ram's horn grips, these stocks are perfectly fitted and shaped.
    • A dome-shaped metal boss was set in the middle of each shield with a grip running across the underside and attached both to the boss and to the wood.
    • Can conventional putters be modified with longer shafts and appropriate grips, or must we regular guys take out another advance on our allowance and buy a new stick?
    • The grips of swords were made of several materials.
    • Their new line of ivory polymer grips are difficult to tell from the real thing.
  • 3hair grip

    horquilla femenino
    pasador masculino México
    pinche masculino Chile
  • 4anticuado

    bolsa de viaje femenino
    • A policeman captured a burglar yesterday afternoon just in time to prevent his escaping with a grip containing part of the $1,000 haul made at a robbery on Saturday.
    • He has with him a grip containing clothing and papers.
    • He brought along a grip filled with a suit of extra clothing.

verbo transitivogripping, gripped

  • 1

    (take hold of)
    (arm/rail/rope) agarrar
    he gripped her arm tightly la agarró fuertemente del brazo
    • Suddenly, he grips my arm firmly and pulls me to a corner.
    • As I get on my bike, I grip the bars tightly and close my eyes.
    • He was also carrying a plastic carrier bag which was gripped in his fist.
    • I was gripping the steering wheel so hard that my knuckles had turned white.
    • Joey held the map in one hand and had his violin case gripped firmly in the other.
    • Justin grinned, staring out into space, his hands still gripping tightly onto the handles of the controls.
    • Ryder's hand gripped the steering wheel tighter as she hit the accelerator hard.
    • His fingers suddenly gripped my chin, forcing us to lock gazes.
    • With his hands firmly gripping the high back of the pilot's seat, Howard stared transfixed out the sloping front window.
    • Her shoulders were straight and she was gripping her purse rather tightly, looking extremely strained.
    • He gripped Ryan's hand strongly, tears poured down their mud and blood streaked faces.
    • He grabbed her wrists and gripped them tightly.
    • He looked down at the bottle, still gripped tightly in his grasp.
    • His biggest problem is that he grips the club too tightly.
    • Martina tightly grips the handle of her briefcase.
    • He sat straight as his hands gripped the steering wheel tightly.
    • He stood for the remainder of the session and, because he was gripping the gun too tightly at first, missed the entire target board several times.
    • Intense drivers, their eyes affixed on the taillights in front of them, sat hunched forward gripping their steering wheels tightly.
    • Jonathon grips my hand more firmly and we make our way into the building.
    • My arm was suddenly gripped very hard by the man on my right.
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    (have hold of)
    (arm/rope/rail) tener agarrado
    (rail/arm/rope) sujetar
  • 3

    (adhere to)
    these tires grip the road well estos neumáticos tienen buena adherencia / buen agarre
  • 4

    he was gripped by panic el pánico se apoderó de él
  • 5

    the play failed to grip the audience la obra no captó el interés del público

verbo intransitivogripping, gripped

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