Traducción de gripe en Español:


queja, n.

Pronunciación /ɡraɪp//ɡrʌɪp/


  • 1coloquial

    queja femenino
    • But these are minor gripes and most people won't notice or care about it.
    • Is it permitted to air a few gripes?
    • The first reaction was the violence and what you see in the media but the most telling aspect is that a couple of people said the majority of the protesters have legitimate gripes.
    • But if the only gripe you can have about watching two discs of soccer highlights is that the music sucks, it's not a bad complaint.
    • Though it seemed a legitimate gripe, complaining did no good.
    • The main menu is fine, but I have few minor gripes about the control setup.
    • These are all relatively minor gripes, admittedly.
    • This is not a moan or a gripe but something that's been puzzling me of late.
    • Of the five local opinions sought on the operations of the Council, traffic and parking gripes predominated.
    • At present my biggest gripe is the lack of facilities.
    • Passengers pointed to overcrowding, delays, poor conditions and frequency as their main gripes.
    • Our minor gripes were far out-weighed by some superb service and good quality food.
    • Privatisation was one of the group's main gripes, according to the memorandum.
    • If we had a minor gripe it was certainly not with the food but with the service.
    • But all gripes aside, it is still an effective and moving portrait.
    • Apart from English gripes about the weather, the main source of criticism was the cost of holidaying in Scotland, with one in three continental tourists complaining about value for money.
    • But minor gripes aside, this is a great, original film.
    • Really, my biggest gripe is the lack of extras on this DVD, especially a commentary track.
    • There are some minor gripes I do have with the game play.
    • I still have a gripe with journalists who consistently refuse to refer to documents like those above when constructing their various conspiracy theories.
  • 2gripes pl

    (stomach pain)
    (masculine plural) retorcijones
    (masculine plural) retortijones España
    • When I brought him home he slept and then he started to cry loudly and I thought he had gripe.
    • Plenty of time for late night blogging while coping with teething, chronic gripe and insomnia from 4am feeds.
    • Andres was suffering from gripe and sinus problems for a couple weeks.

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    it gripes me to see the way he eats me da asco verlo comer