Traducción de gripe en Español:


queja, n.

Pronunciación /ɡrʌɪp//ɡraɪp/


  • 1coloquial

    queja femenino
    • Apart from English gripes about the weather, the main source of criticism was the cost of holidaying in Scotland, with one in three continental tourists complaining about value for money.
    • At present my biggest gripe is the lack of facilities.
    • Is it permitted to air a few gripes?
    • But all gripes aside, it is still an effective and moving portrait.
    • But minor gripes aside, this is a great, original film.
    • The main menu is fine, but I have few minor gripes about the control setup.
    • This is not a moan or a gripe but something that's been puzzling me of late.
    • Of the five local opinions sought on the operations of the Council, traffic and parking gripes predominated.
    • Privatisation was one of the group's main gripes, according to the memorandum.
    • Though it seemed a legitimate gripe, complaining did no good.
    • But these are minor gripes and most people won't notice or care about it.
    • If we had a minor gripe it was certainly not with the food but with the service.
    • The first reaction was the violence and what you see in the media but the most telling aspect is that a couple of people said the majority of the protesters have legitimate gripes.
    • Really, my biggest gripe is the lack of extras on this DVD, especially a commentary track.
    • I still have a gripe with journalists who consistently refuse to refer to documents like those above when constructing their various conspiracy theories.
    • These are all relatively minor gripes, admittedly.
    • But if the only gripe you can have about watching two discs of soccer highlights is that the music sucks, it's not a bad complaint.
    • There are some minor gripes I do have with the game play.
    • Passengers pointed to overcrowding, delays, poor conditions and frequency as their main gripes.
    • Our minor gripes were far out-weighed by some superb service and good quality food.
  • 2gripes plural

    (stomach pain)
    retorcijones masculino
    retortijones masculino España
    • Plenty of time for late night blogging while coping with teething, chronic gripe and insomnia from 4am feeds.
    • When I brought him home he slept and then he started to cry loudly and I thought he had gripe.
    • Andres was suffering from gripe and sinus problems for a couple weeks.

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    refunfuñar coloquial
    • ‘Everything was fine until you walked in,’ he griped some, before turning back to the communications panel.
    • Mortgage lenders gripe that conflicting state laws make it tough for them to operate coast to coast.
    • Small businesses are always griping about big banks, sometimes justifiably.
    • You gripe under your breath about everything because you're so sensitive.
    • He gripes that being a Canadian actor has limited the roles he has been offered.
    • For weeks I griped and complained about the fact that my boxes hadn't arrived from England yet.
    • Are you the sort of player who gripes and complains all the time about your putting?
    • I griped under my breath as I pulled the covers up to her shoulders.
    • They will grumble, they will gripe, they will moan about waiting lists and rotten food.
    • Many women's sports administrators and officials constantly gripe and complain about the lack of support they receive from sponsorship and the media.
    • We, nevertheless, inevitably find things about which to gripe and complain.
    • The much-anticipated finger-pointing began after the home loss - with players griping about the way teammates complain to the officials, playing time and chemistry.
    • She didn't complain or gripe often, but she always wanted to be part of the conversation, or always wanted someone who would listen to her.
    • Television can make a fool of us all, but it was difficult to see what the boss was griping about.
    • They were griping to the press last week, saying that if they were in trouble, they would have called the defence force and not the MPs.
    • The local evening paper lavished praise on Oasis after their opening night in Aberdeen, but griped it would have been better value for money if the band talked more to the audience.
    • We chunter through each day, grumbling, griping and groaning.
    • The stinginess of the portion left me grumbling and griping.
    • Even as authors griped about heavy-handed editing, readers complained that the articles were too long and too difficult - not edited enough.
    • A few of you were griping at the lack of ambiance at their Jazz Fest gig earlier this summer at Club Soda, so it's off to a real club setting we go.
    • For nearly as long as there has been an entrepreneurial space industry, there has been griping and grousing about regulatory issues, as well as lobbying for legislation to resolve those flaws.
    • He also told me that I need to apply myself to the main work of the group as people have been griping to him about my use of my laptop at work.
    • Because his teammates got their share of shots, no one griped under their breath about the number Iverson took.
    • They might gripe about money and whinge over this and that, but at the end of the day, most of us just want to believe in something good.
    • The secret is simple: stop griping about the public sector and start viewing it as a source of business opportunities.

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    it gripes me to see the way he eats me da asco verlo comer