Traducción de grit en Español:


polvo, n.

Pronunciación /ɡrɪt//ɡrɪt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(dirt)

      polvo masculino
      I got a piece of grit in my eye se me metió una basurita en el ojo América Latina
      • There was a guy who used to carry his bicycle up to the third floor and pick all the bits of grit out of the tyres and chuck them down the stairs.
      • The agreements include all gravel lorries being covered to reduce dust and grit, and a ban on lorry movements when pupils are entering and leaving schools in Cressing Road, Witham.
      • You may feel like you have sand or grit in your eye, and your eye may look red.
      • Dust and grit may be especially hazardous to people who wear contact lenses.
      • During the course of your fishing session your line will pick up small bits of grit, sand and algae.
      • Wash them well in fresh, clear water to remove any grit or insects.
      • Marie said: ‘It seems as if the water has washed away all of the sand and grit beneath the road.’
      • He was very dirty, his entire body seemingly coated with dust and grit.
      • Metal parts get attacked by salt and lots and lots of sand and grit.
      • We clung to a wire fence while wind-blown sand stung our faces and we tried to keep grit and dust out of our eyes.
      • Clean the cockles or clams by soaking them in cold water for at least 30 minutes to remove any sand or grit.
      • Use an appropriate scraper to remove all loose paint and grit.
      • When it rains heavily all the grit on the roads tends to be washed away.
      • How many times have you got a small piece of grit in your eye?
      • He swallowed dust and grit and a bit of his back tooth.
      • Wash the leeks thoroughly to remove grit, then chop or slice as preferred.
      • He further went on to explain that one of the most common eye injuries results from sand and grit entering the eye whilst playing a bunker shot.
      • Bulbs need to be planted at about twice their depth in soil that has a bit of added grit to stop waterlogging.
      • He said a van full of sand and grit had to be used to soak up the orange juice which had spilled on to the motorway.
      • As the cracks widen, sand, grit, and small rocks from the overlying rubble trickle down into the fractures.

    • 1.2(gravel)

      arenilla femenino

    • 1.3(for hens, cage birds)

      arena femenino

  • 2coloquial

    agallas femenino coloquial
    she showed true grit demostró tener agallas coloquial
    • I have seldom seen such grit, determination and resoluteness from everyone on a Waterford team.
    • Despite their desperate position however, the Kildare girls showed their true grit and finished with a flourish.
    • Here's a woman who through sheer grit has created a billion dollar empire.
    • They displayed a grit and a willingness for the physical side of the game so often missing in the past.
    • But our boys showed true grit, managing to force the game into extra time with a well-taken goal from Parkin on 80 minutes.
    • But in a demonstration of the true grit of the fell runner, he managed to carry on.
    • The crew is rising to every little challenge they are given and conquering them all with true grit and sheer determination.
    • These buildings are part of what we are as Yorkshire people, they are visible expressions of our grit, determination and resolve.
    • Showing true grit, he went on to ride the bull for eight seconds and seal the title.
    • And yet again they displayed grit, guts and determination after falling behind in a mere 21 seconds.
    • He showed true grit as he completed the 4.3-mile run in 55 minutes in spite of suffering from prostate cancer.
    • With home games against sides they have the ability to beat and away games against sides they have already beaten, it is now all about true grit and determination.
    • But Jean showed her true grit and followed the first rule of business which is to learn from your failures.
    • What Mark has achieved he has done with pure grit and determination, tenacity and hard work.
    • Our backs were truly against the wall and finally some of the true grit and character that has been lying dormant for too long came flooding through.
    • It would have been no more than they deserved as they showed true grit after the dreadful start and the concession of those two early goals.
    • This woman had strength and grit and determination.
    • It is times like these that show the true grit of a team.
    • At a time when economic growth is slowing down and public finances are worsening, this survey illustrates the true grit of the north when it comes to determination to succeed.
    • I truly believe that if you can adapt to adversity and develop true grit, you can still succeed.
  • 3grits plural

    (hominy grits)
    sémola de maíz femenino

verbo transitivogritted, gritting

  • 1Britanico

    (road) echar arenilla en
    • According to Highways Agency guidelines councils are not required to grit every street and road in the borough.
    • ‘The council operates a priority order for gritting roads and footpaths,’ a spokesman said.
    • I even saw such a road being gritted on the evening of Christmas Day 2001.
    • Despite advanced warning of the treacherous weather, it emerged Swindon Council failed to grit the roads.
    • An angry commuter has hit out at Colchester Council for failing to grit a road.
    • After the crashes, City of York Council insisted it had gritted the road according to its procedures.
    • Meanwhile, crews were out in force last night and early today gritting main roads across Greater Manchester.
    • The problem was that rain was predicted, so there was no point gritting the roads before then as it would get washed away.
    • I am sure Mr Rushworth would agree that keeping main roads and bus routes open is more important than gritting side streets.
    • We feel that none of the above would have happened if the council had gritted the roads.
    • Although the main roads were gritted, many side streets were icy.
    • The Highways Agency, which is responsible for England's motorways and trunk roads, said it would be gritting roads overnight and was aware of forecasted heavy snow for tomorrow.
    • He said a new development was residents who volunteered to help grit pavements in the area.
    • Now a council worker gritting the roads has been attacked at Bell Farm.
    • The Highways Agency said that its 100 gritters and ploughs in the north west were out throughout the night and gritted trunk roads and motorways twice.
    • Now council bosses in York may sell off their responsibilities to grit icy roads and paths in the city to a contractor.
    • Two weeks ago, when we had snow on Tuesday and Wednesday, I telephoned the council twice to ask if they were going to grit the roads and pavements but there was no reaction.
    • We put all our resources into gritting the roads.
    • They covered 2,800 miles as they gritted main roads and bus routes.
    • All the roads were gritted, but the problems began when everyone decided to go home early - causing gridlocks.
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