Traducción de groove en Español:


muesca, n.

Pronunciación /ɡruːv//ɡruv/


  • 1

    (in screw) muesca femenino
    (in screw) ranura femenino
    (for sliding door) guía femenino
    (for pulley) garganta femenino
    (for pulley) hendidura femenino
    (in column) estría femenino
    • The kneecap rides in a specific groove of the thighbone, and if the muscles are unbalanced, pain can begin from the kneecap grinding on the groove the wrong way.
    • There, the mason had to lie on his stomach in a narrow groove, working his tools horizontally, chips and limestone dust dropping in front of his face.
    • The teeth of the two large crocodile species known to live then were too blunt and too irregularly spaced to have produced the narrow grooves found on the Majungatholus bones.
    • The grooves are the depressions in the rifling.
    • You see the city as a solid mass in which there have been carved narrow grooves, criss-crossing this stone block thousands of times.
    • And that is why we are having a very hard look at the grooves on club-faces right now.
    • The water comes into the center of the block along a special groove and goes out into the output fitting.
    • Some use ordinary concrete blocks without the special groove and with no wires.
    • The woman's face is almost square, her jaw and cheekbones wide, her mouth a groove with calm, correct corners.
    • Use a foot with narrower grooves on lightweight fabrics, and one with wider grooves on mediumweight fabrics.
    • It then opens its mouth slightly and by expanding and contracting its throat grooves and retracting its huge tongue creates a powerful suction to suck up the food-filled sediment.
    • The grooves are slightly offset so as the upper assembly moves forward, the cylinder is forced to engage the correct groove with the stud.
    • Further addition of membrane materials fully hides these grooves.
    • The dies have a series of grooves and depressions cut into them and the work piece is passed in sequence through a shaping series.
    • The biceps tendon was displaced from its groove anteriorly but remained intact.
    • Standard installation calls for a special block with a groove along the top edge.
    • Neural groove and folds emerge about 7 to 8 days after oviposition.
    • The crampons scraped across the kitchen floor, cutting grooves into the wood.
    • She took her key-ring out as she walked towards her car, unknowingly shifting them around between her fingers feeling for the grooves of the correct key.
    • Some of these channels were as wide as rivers, others narrow grooves.
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    surco masculino
    • Anyway, the way it worked was that this needle scratched around the grooves of the disc and the vibrations were translated into sound.
    • They may rely on as simple an explanation as that of a print of a coin in wax, or they may, like Wittgenstein, use examples such as the structural analogy between music and the groove in a gramophone record.
    • He correctly identified 20 out of 20 recordings just by studying the record grooves.
    • Of course, the smaller groove also required a smaller needle, and that, too, was made possible by World War II materials technology.
    • With a typical pop/rock record, the groove will be 2.5 mils (thousands of an inch) wide, and will move from side to side a total of 2.5 mils.