Traducción de ground bass en Español:

ground bass

bajo continuo, n.


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    bajo continuo masculino
    • The 4th Movement, marked ‘Largo’, is a passacaglia having a series of diverse variations over a ground bass.
    • It may dawn on you (if you don't cheat and read the liner notes first) that it's also a passacaglia, a series of variations over a ground bass.
    • The passacaglia, strictly speaking, pits variations over a ground bass, although most composers from Brahms on shift the bass material around to all the voices, which he does as well.
    • L' Arpeggiata's way of improvising on these ground basses and repeated harmonic patterns is deliciously entertaining.
    • He produced many fine sets of variations on popular melodies and ground basses as well as stylized dance music (especially pavans and galliards) and such abstract pieces as fantasias and preludes.