Traducción de ground level en Español:

ground level


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    at ground level a ras del suelo
    • above ground level sobre el nivel del suelo
    • below ground level bajo tierra
    • Air at ground level is at a higher pressure than air higher up.
    • When material is to be used to form an embankment or dam or to raise ground levels it is important to attain a dense condition.
    • Once the digging there has been completed, the land will be levelled and the bypass will be 10 meters below the current ground level.
    • English Heritage has put more than £12,000 towards restoring the stones as well as repairing ground levels and paths around the circle, which have been worn away over the years.
    • Varying ground levels have been resolved via stairs, a glass lift, and elevated bridge links, and this has no doubt contributed to its heavy usage by students as well as members of the public.
    • It is also found at ground level in lower concentrations where it is a key component of smog over major cities (tropospheric ozone).
    • At ground level, calls transmitted through forest and tall grass fared equally well at three of the four transmission distances.
    • It is done by placing an omnidirectional placement (such as a slung tree) at ground level, and running the rope through it after the belay, then to the climber.
    • ‘The proposed waste water treatment would be subject to a high risk of failure due to the pumping of effluent that would be required to address the varying ground levels across the site,’ he said.
    • Ozone occurs very rarely at ground level, and usually it is due to lightning.
    • Adding to that is the filling of land to raise the ground levels without proper consultation or advice from city engineers.
    • Levels of ground-level ozone rose by 17% in Edinburgh and 3% in Glasgow.
    • The temperature measured at ground level was about - 180 degrees Celsius.
    • Yet it will provide the precise condition of the Martian atmosphere from ground level up to an altitude of fifty kilometres.
    • While zooming about at 40,000 feet we're exposed to 200 times more cosmic radiation than at ground level.
    • These two emissions are responsible for smog formation at ground level, creating breathing problems for people in inner cities.
    • In respect of the nearest neighbouring dwelling the separation is 19 metres compared with the normal requirement of 15.25 metres, and in view of the difference in ground levels this is considered appropriate.
    • It was dubbed ‘The Grounds’ because of the different ground levels in the area.
    • Despite the low gravity environment on Titan's surface, its atmospheric pressure at ground level could be at several times higher, or denser, than Earth's.
    • The temperature at ground level was about - 180 degrees Celsius, but the probe was generating plenty of heat.