Traducción de groundwork en Español:


trabajo preliminar, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡraʊn(d)wəːk//ˈɡraʊn(d)wərk/


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    trabajo preliminar masculino
    trabajo de base masculino
    • The official picked a site where there was no groundwork needed to the right of the square.
    • The first step is to do the basic groundwork of self-education on the issues and problems to be combated.
    • Using this groundwork, Laurier wanted to build a strong national image for Canada.
    • With this groundwork in place, China is ready now to adopt a more flexible exchange rate.
    • The groundwork of the songs rely on basic beats with a few tonal melodies interacting.
    • We have achieved a great deal this year and have established firm groundwork for continuing our work next year.
    • If you have a limited budget, you can do some preparatory groundwork yourself to cut costs.
    • Of course there is some groundwork that must be laid out when embarking on this board game journey.
    • The groundwork has now been prepared for the main contractors to start work in May.
    • They set store by groundwork and say there is no shortcut to success.
    • It appeared students who had done their groundwork over the year were reaping the reward for their efforts.
    • While the bikes have moved much ahead, and even cars have done some groundwork, the buses have not moved at all.
    • But no amount of groundwork could prepare you for the verticality of the cliffs here.
    • Very effective groundwork has been laid by the politicians mentioned above.
    • Once that groundwork has been done, the picture tends to become a bit clearer about the budget needed to complete any deal.
    • It just wasn't Montreal's time, but groundwork was being laid for what was to come.
    • The groundwork on the new building began on Tuesday and the village hall trust hopes it will be ready by Christmas.
    • With these two books he covers most of the basic groundwork for becoming a photographer.
    • Teachers and administration had been working over the past weeks and groundwork had been done.
    • Shaped in the form of a boat, the pavilion took seven days to build, while the concept and groundwork took two months.