Traducción de group therapy en Español:

group therapy

terapia grupal, n.


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    terapia grupal femenino
    terapia de grupo femenino
    • Today, in addition to individual and group therapy, I specialize in marital and couples therapy.
    • Men are treated with group therapy in which stopping violent and psychologically abusive behaviour is the centre of attention.
    • They may need medication and individual or group therapy to help treat their problems.
    • Patients have the option to participate in group therapy, in addition to individual therapy.
    • Patients entered group therapy with their own unique fantasy world.
    • Family therapy is also more effective than adolescent group therapy in reducing drug use.
    • In her experiences in the psychology clinic, group therapy was a big help.
    • Patients began with individual therapy, then progressed to group therapy.
    • Talking treatments include counselling, behavioural therapy, cognitive therapy, group therapy and psychoanalysis.
    • An increasingly important form of group therapy for addiction is based on the principles of cognitive therapy.
    • Sibling group therapy typically offers a rapid reduction in family-related issues.
    • While recuperating in the hospital, she was referred to an eating disorders clinic where she became involved in group therapy.
    • All patients received seven sessions of standarized behavioral group therapy.
    • Grief therapy may be available as individual or group therapy.
    • This programme offers individual cognitive behavioral therapy and group therapy as needed.
    • People with narcissistic personality disorder may benefit from group therapy.
    • Education and group therapy for the patient and their family are very important.
    • He was hostile to group therapy and to all mass-produced remedies.
    • I was giving group therapy in the psychiatric ward.
    • When it isn't meetings, it's aftercare, which consists of sessions with the therapist or group therapy.