Traducción de growl en Español:


gruñir, v.

Pronunciación /ɡraʊl//ɡraʊl/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (animal) gruñir
    to growl at sb gruñirle a algn
    • the boss has been growling at me all day el jefe me ha estado gruñendo todo el día
    • It's kind of a dogs-and-kids rule of thumb that if the dog growls at a kid, they shouldn't be left alone together.
    • He went into the apartment block and I turned around and saw wolves growling at me.
    • The bear growled menacingly and took a couple steps toward them.
    • All three dogs growled menacingly at the figure.
    • Her pearly white fangs were bared as she growled deep within her throat.
    • He was angrily growling in his throat as he padded through a pair of trees.
    • The wolf growled in anger and clamped its jaws down on Ray's shoulder.
    • Pets growled and barked at their masters instead of licking their hands and wagging their tails.
    • Ken let out a loud sigh, which almost sounded like a dog growling.
    • This lurcher came up to us and the dogs growled and it went away.
    • Sometimes a pet growls or exhibits unfounded aggression during this time.
    • The bear growled lowly, but knew the medic was right.
    • I was aware of the odd skirmish with dogs growling at each other and even a very occasional bark.
    • Indeed they looked like trapped tigers growling deep in their throats.
    • There's a dog growling, a cat hissing, a fox snarling, a wolf with flattened ears, and a winged creature extending its claws.
    • The cat fell into a tangle of leaves and vegetation growling in pain and anger.
    • If you listen closely you'll hear the lambs gamboling and the wolf growling away in the low brass.
    • The dog growls at the bottom of the tree, trying to claw his way up.
    • I turned to pick up a cookie and that dumb dog was growling again.
    • Some animals, particularly four young porkers, seem upset by this, but the dogs start growling and put an end to all discussion.
  • 2

    (thunder) bramar literario
    • She backed up a stop as it continued to roll onward, uttering long, low rumbles that passed as growls.
    • The whole house filled with sweet smells and the sound of growling bellies echoed through the walls.
    • A rumbling, train-like noise growls throughout this scene and follows the first woman into the café.
    • Thunder growled at the boat and lightning snapped at its heels constantly.
    • The sight and sound of predominately young males parading around the county with stereos thumping and large exhausts growling is a growing nuisance.
    • The rest of the house was completely dark with the exclusion of bright flashes of lightning every other minute or so, followed by a quiet growling thunder.
    • Oliver could feel a slight rumble now, growling louder.
    • She asked as thunder growled outside and clouds rolled in blocking out the sky.
    • His stomach growled angrily and he caught a few glimpses of disapproving gazes directed at him.
    • Miles away a thunderhead had begun its afternoon romp and was growling lazily.
    • I groan piteously, my stomach growling, echoing in the silence like a gunshot.
    • The engine let out a growling rumble, the main thruster roaring in response, and they shot forward.
    • He kissed her lips as the thunder growled again, the sky filling up with a flash of lightning.
    • The flash came down with a growling roar, dazzled my eyes and deafened my ears.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    he growled an apology masculló una disculpa
    • where have you been? he growled —¿dónde has estado? —gruñó


  • 1

    (of dog, person) gruñido masculino
    (of bear) rugido masculino
    (of thunder) bramido masculino literario
    • My voice was a low growl, terrifying to all but those who knew me best - or were really stupid and not afraid of anything.
    • Their threatening growls reverberated off the walls of the small alley.
    • Her voice was a quiet growl, her pronunciation of each word a blunt edge ripping into him.
    • ‘It's good for the team that there's competition for places,’ he says in a deep voice that rumbles like a growl.
    • My voice dropped to a growl, and this only seemed to entertain her more.
    • I couldn't keep a growl out of my voice - not that I tried very hard.
    • I can almost hear the furious grinding of teeth, the growls of seething rage and the sound of knives being sharpened as people prepare to tell me in almost interminable detail why I'm oh-so-very wrong.
    • He let out a growl of fury and swung his fist towards Will's cheek.
    • I hadn't believed myself sleepy, but his voice was a soothing growl and he was stroking my hair in a slow, relaxing caress.
    • They also communicate with snarls, barks, growls, and whines.
    • Her voice was a low growl and I inwardly cringed as she used his title, knowing that she it was not meant as a measure of respect.
    • In general, vocalizations are varied and include: trumpeting, whistles, twitters, honks, barks, grunts, quacks, croaks and growls.
    • With a growl of fury, he drove up next to the smaller car and looked in.
    • She scratches the garage with her paw and hears barks and growls inside the garage.
    • His voice was as low as the growl animals used to warn each other off.
    • ‘Distortion riffs, grungy growls, psychedelic whines - that's the kind of music we like to play,’ the band announces.
    • Clicks, purrs, growls, squeals, and roars are my only forms of verbal communication.
    • Damien laughed and demonstrated his grating growl of a voice.
    • Everyone echoed some signature sound, breathing out an animal growl.
    • A low growl, like the sound of sand and gravel rolling around deep within his broad chest, emanated from the beast continuously.
    • The half-demon gave a growl of fury and leapt up, throwing herself onto the bars.
    • His growls in protest when given a directive are more noticeable and he does his tasks with more resistance, apparently resentful of the ‘unfairness’ he suffered just a few hours prior.
    • It was deep and sounded more like a growl than a moan.
    • Every second, even when the dog disappeared from view, I could hear its barks and growls.
    • Other species, including nonhuman primates, do not seem to learn vocalization in this way but have their various barks and growls hard-wired from birth.
    • Thereafter, the roars become little more than a growl.
    • Apart from the occasional growl, there isn't a sound.
    • His bright, sparkling trumpet and the joyful growl of his voice are familiar to people the world over.
    • Under her window, Alex suddenly let out a deep growl and started barking.
    • It was part wail, part growl - an animal wounded and angry.
    • The troll let out a growl of fury as it dropped the tainted sword with a loud thud.
    • Birds were not the only sounds he heard, it was almost music, but it was more natural, the trees whistled and hummed, and he could hear the rhythmic growls of the animals below.
    • The low growl of their voices alerted him to who his attackers were.
    • One of them catches our scent and lets out a howl or a growl or something in between.
    • Most of the wolves were nodding to each other and conversing in wolf speech, which consisted mostly of growls, grunts, barks and howls.
    • He never bit anyone, as far as I can remember, but he was a master of the threatening growl.
    • While in captivity, they are very vocal, uttering high-pitched whines and howls, rasping growls.
    • His growl is impressively rabid, and his bark could curdle a bowl of milk at 20 paces.
    • You'll recognise the voice too - the mean growls, the girlish coos, the dizzy incantations.
    • While we sail, I heard growls and roars from the forest.