Traducción de growth en Español:


crecimiento, n.

Pronunciación /ɡroʊθ//ɡrəʊθ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of animals, plants, humans)

      crecimiento masculino
      • These new pills increase growth in both fast and slow twitch muscle fibres.
      • Large plants therefore have higher growth rates, lower mortality and higher leaf water potentials.
      • Among the benefits of such optimization would be a reduced need for irrigation and more rapid plant growth.
      • This allows more rapid growth than for a plant starting out from a seed, which has limited food reserves.
      • Recently, the park authorities have measured the height of the birds and there has been a considerable growth.
      • My wife asked me if, as a tree grows, the bottom branches move up with the growth.
      • What to Plant - Species whose growth habit and mature size conforms to the size and shape you are looking for.
      • The rapid growth of the city as well as a lack of maintenance has put an enormous strain on public infrastructure.
      • If your seedlings lose their growth momentum, fast growing vegetation will overtake them.
      • Planning is essential for this very strong-growing clematis which will put on an enormous amount of growth in one season.
      • The adults were removed and the growth of the progeny was monitored twice a day until the next generation of eggs appeared.
      • These units then have the potential to increase in size during growth of the animal.
      • It's simple: to help push your muscle growth to new heights, you need to time your protein intake.
      • Unplanned growth and the rapid increase in the number of vehicles are among the main reasons.
      • The changes are actually a tribute to the city, a recognition that rapid growth forces nearly everyone to do things differently.
      • They varied greatly in age, size, growth rate, and geographical areas covered.
      • But the unchecked growth of this fastest growing city in Asia is robbing it of its green cover.
      • In particular, size and growth rate are related to movement behavior in a complex manner.
      • The symptoms of an aneurysm depend on its size and rate of growth.
      • We found no difference in growth rate or size of individuals as a function of coating thickness.

    • 1.2(personal development)

      crecimiento personal masculino
      • She stresses the need for facilitating both physical and mental growth of children.
      • They should also benefit from broader opportunities for personal growth and development.
      • The above concepts are useful to guide personal growth and development.
      • And we believe in demonstrating a commitment to personal growth through training and development.
      • It also helped develop a positive attitude towards their personal growth and development.
      • I think it's integral for the growth of our religion to continue to grow and evolve.
      • Some people see the process of growth and development as very simple.
      • Such findings could be clues to the problems with mental and physical growth that these children face.
      • The result is a sublime and surreal saga of self-discovery and personal growth, of existential doubt and doubtful existences.
      • To ensure people's prosperity, growth and development, the government needs to be efficient.
      • Many Eastern breathing practices help you develop physical strength, spiritual growth and inner peace.
      • This mental growth or development is dependent on maturation of the nervous system and on experience.
      • This Meditation is a technique developed to achieve spiritual growth and illumination.
      • Both groups of babies showed normal, healthy physical growth and their overall development fell within accepted norms.
      • An increasing number of children suffer from stunted physical growth and slow mental development.
      • The temple can serve to foster spiritual growth and development.
      • It generates a sense of wellbeing and energy and is a powerful tool for personal development and spiritual growth.
      • Noteworthy changes after treatment, such as spiritual change or personal growth, might not be measurable.
      • Each archetype/aspect of Deity is a vehicle to spiritual growth and development.
      • This teaching accounted for much of their spiritual growth and development of character.

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (of population, city) crecimiento masculino
      (of quantity) aumento masculino
      • Is that explosive rate of population growth in this country sustainable?
      • The growth in imports is, among other things, already straining the food safety system.
      • The survey, taken last November, shows that order intake from the UK was still growing but the growth had slowed.
      • Our growth confirms that we are the fastest growing political party in the country.
      • The numbers of first-time buyers is likely to increase as earnings growth outstrips house price growth in 2005.
      • The numbers of consultants need to increase, but growth in non-medical and nursing staff also needs to be greater.
      • This figure might be viewed as the product of high demand meeting artificially low supply rather than being based on steady growth in rental values.
      • The problem is not growth in the population per se, but growth of the unskilled.
      • The fund's value increases each year in line with the average growth in wages.
      • The sales director forecast further growth in both transactions and values in second-hand luxury units.
      • By extension, growth in human population leads to an increase in demand for food, water and other natural resources.
      • The continued growth in house values across Scotland suggests no imminent return to the nightmare of negative equity.
      • A growth in the amount of books on herbs and their properties also begins later in the century.
      • The large amount resulted from a growth in income and an increase in subscribers.
      • Demographic growth and economic expansion have given the Turks increased weight in world affairs.
      • The second cause was growth in the cost of imported materials.
      • The region has been ranked as the second fastest growing in the UK, with a growth of 240,000 people in the past 10 years.
      • If you pay only the interest every month, you rely on growth in the value of the property to clear the capital debt.
      • There continues to be an aversion to tax increases and growth in government.
      • Passenger growth is likely to grow significantly over the next five years.

    • 2.2Comercio

      (of industry, business) crecimiento masculino
      (of industry, business) desarrollo masculino
      (of industry, business) expansión femenino
      (of profits, demand) aumento masculino

    • 2.3(of influence, affection)

      aumento masculino
      growth in popularity/importance/status aumento de popularidad/importancia/prestigio

  • 3

    • 3.1(what grows)

      prune away the dead branches to make way for the new growth pode las ramas secas para dejar crecer los brotes nuevos
      • several days' growth of beard una barba de varios días

    • 3.2Medicina

      bulto masculino
      tumor masculino
      • Fibroids are benign growths (not cancer) in the muscular wall of the uterus.
      • It can be effective in the treatment of cancerous growths, because malignant cells are more sensitive than normal body cells: the radiation can be applied to a particular area, whilst the rest of the body is shielded from it.
      • Most pituitary tumors are noncancerous, nonspreading growths (adenomas).
      • Often called the silent killer, colon cancer is believed to begin when polyps or small benign growths evolve into cancer.
      • This is the start of a cancerous growth, or cancer tumour.