Traducción de guard en español:


vigilar, v.

Pronunciación: /ɡɑːd//ɡɑrd/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(watch over)

      (vehicle/prisoner/building) vigilar
      (building/prisoner/vehicle) custodiar
      (person/reputation) proteger
      (secret) guardar
      the door is heavily guarded tienen la entrada muy vigilada
      • I asked him to guard the suitcases le pedí que vigilase las maletas
      • to guard sth/sb against sth/sb / from sth proteger algo/a algn de / contra algn/algo
      • The alleged victim claimed she was raped in prison toilets while guarding a prisoner at Warrington General Hospital.
      • The person guarding him has his own reasons for not wanting to live and so exchanges jacket and papers with the condemned man and goes before the firing squad in his place.
      • Inge believes the prospect of being posted to guard political prisoners, and the cruel conditions her son was expecting to have to enforce there, pushed him to attempt to escape.
      • Violence spread to other fuel outlets and crowds threw stones at soldiers guarding the main British headquarters.
      • Soldiers guarding the entrances to the base thus need to ensure only that military personnel or civilians coming in carry one of the many passes accepted within the base.
      • The fear was coming back, she knew that Mac was coming for her, and that whatever she did, however many people were guarding her, whatever level of security they set up, he was going to get through to her.
      • He said their work was consistent with the Geneva Convention and the responsibility for guarding the prisoners remained with the US.
      • US soldiers guarding the gate usually stand about 20 yards from the road behind coils of barbed wire and concrete barriers.
      • Any period of industrial action would see the army called in to guard prisoners.
      • Seventy percent of those who guard women prisoners are men.
      • While he was guarding the prisoners, some of the other platoon members poured boiled water over them.
      • The songs of that age had themes of social responsibility, singing the praises of navy soldiers who guarded the country's shores, or the beauty of the motherland.
      • Just think how much fun it will be for the American soldiers to guard that part of town during the Occupation.
      • Following the disturbances in Belize City, soldiers could be seen guarding some buildings, while residents appeared to be getting on with their lives.
      • Soldiers guarding the settlement fired back, killing two attackers and wounding a third man who fled back into the sea.
      • They have their own budgets and their own suppliers, and jealously guard the areas they control.
      • On the pretext that the statue was about to be attacked, the army erected a barbed wire fence around the area on May 25 and posted soldiers to guard the edifice.
      • Third, the excessive number of soldiers to guard the borders is becoming a burden on the local population.
      • Didn't they realise that if they all went to check it out there would be no one to guard the prisoners and anyone could just randomly come in and help them escape?
      • American marines guarding the prisoners said they had complained that their own officers had shot at them during the battle.
      • The secret was revealed during an investigation this month into the deaths of two soldiers who were guarding an entrance to the complex when both were found fatally shot.
      • The front gate had two soldiers wielding automatic firearms guarding the outside.
      • Another witness had seen three container trucks during the same period, with armed soldiers guarding the trucks.
      • It's believed the soldiers will guard the control tower, the large fuel tanks and parts of the runway at certain times.
      • He was not surprised when he saw soldiers guarding the gates.
      • A grenade was thrown from a car toward soldiers guarding a checkpoint.
      • We do have people contracted to guard prisoners.
      • Their mouths dropped open when they noticed one of the tall soldiers guarding them, hair hidden beneath a helmet, was a square-jawed woman.
      • Then he was moved to more common military police duties including convoy security and guarding the prisoners at Camp Bucca.
      • A few weeks ago the 47-year old olive farmer suffered a heart attack during a scuffle with the soldiers guarding the wall.
      • Even when this crisis is over, there are police officers who will work at guarding prisoners.
      • Heavily armed soldiers guarded the few churches which held Sunday services, witnesses said.
      • The wretched soldiers were still guarding the cannon.
      • Since I was one of the few women, and the only unarmed prisoner, I was guarded in a more lax manner than the others.

    • 1.2(in chess, cards)

      (piece/position) cubrir
      (position/piece) defender
      (card) reservarse

    • 1.3US Deporte

      • Sometimes you'll have your back slightly turned to guard the ball.
      • This illustration shows offensive player 3 with the ball and being guarded by zone player 4.
      • His stance is not quite as low as it would be guarding the ball handler, but he is still down and ready to move.
      • I pride myself on scoring more points than the guy I'm guarding.
      • The closer to the basket your player is, the closer you should guard them.

  • 2

    (temper/tongue) cuidar
    (tongue/temper) controlar


  • 1

    (sentry, soldier)
    (masculine and feminine) guardia
    the Guards regimiento de la Guardia Real masculino
    • bank/security guard guarda jurado/de seguridad
    • prison guard carcelera
  • 2

    guardia femenino
    the changing of the guard el cambio / el relevo de la guardia
    • an honor guard/ a guard of honour una guardia de honor
    • the old guard la vieja guardia
  • 3

    (masculine and feminine) (in US football) defensa
    (masculine and feminine) (in basketball) escolta
  • 4inglés de Irlanda

    (police officer)
    (masculine and feminine) policía
  • 5

    guardia femenino
    to be on guard estar de guardia
    • they stood guard over the jewels montaron / hicieron (la) guardia en el recinto donde estaban las joyas
    • she ordered that an all-night guard be mounted outside the embassy ordenó que se montara guardia durante toda la noche frente a la embajada
    • before noun guard duty posta
  • 6

    (in boxing, fencing)
    guardia femenino
    to take left/right guard cubrirse con la izquierda/derecha
    • on guard! ¡en guardia!
    • to be on/off (one's) guard estar alerta / en guardia/estar desprevenido
    • he caught me off (my) guard me cogió por sorpresa
    • his guard was up/down estaba/no estaba en guardia
    • to lower / drop one's guard bajar la guardia
  • 7fire guard

    guardallama(s) masculino
  • 8fire guard

    (on machinery)
    cubierta de seguridad femenino
    dispositivo de seguridad masculino
  • 9fire guard

    (on machinery)
    (on sword) guarnición femenino
    (on sword) guardamano masculino
    (around trigger) seguro masculino
  • 10

    a guard against error/theft/infection una protección contra los errores/el robo/las infecciones
    • as a guard against mistakes para prevenir errores
  • 11Britanico

    jefe de tren masculino
    jefa de tren femenino