Traducción de gubernatorial en Español:


a gobernador, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɡubərnəˈtɔriəl//ˌɡ(j)uːbənəˈtɔːrɪəl/


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    (candidate/election) a gobernador
    (candidate/election) para gobernador
    (speech) del gobernador
    • According to the bill, the province is allowed to arrange direct gubernatorial elections, whenever it is ready.
    • The gubernatorial election would be determined by the city's 83 councillors.
    • We're excited about your son's hopeful gubernatorial election this year.
    • They are still finding uncounted ballots in Washington state from last fall's gubernatorial election.
    • He expressed the hope that stability during gubernatorial elections might signal the return of security and order in the province.
    • I hope the administration is serious in this effort, and not just making empty promises ahead of the gubernatorial election.
    • After the attorney helped a gubernatorial candidate win an election, he became the governors counsel.
    • So the California gubernatorial recall election has been delayed until March.
    • The gubernatorial election regulation requires that a candidate should be at least a senior high school graduate.
    • The Californian gubernatorial election had just got under way and everyone and their brother-in-law seemed to be running.
    • Before this date, the minister is expected to appoint a caretaker whose main task will be to prepare a gubernatorial election.
    • Widespread money politics was often reported during regional gubernatorial and regental elections.
    • Interestingly, these PR projects began to multiply after gubernatorial elections were done away with late last year.
    • Virginia is one of only two states with gubernatorial races this election year.
    • Her brother Mitch is lieutenant governor and a future gubernatorial prospect.
    • Between now and next year, 38 states and two territories will hold gubernatorial elections.
    • The gubernatorial election is still not over in Washington state.
    • The new organization demanded wider public participation and transparency during the next gubernatorial election.
    • In between times, things are tightly controlled by the gubernatorial staff.
    • In contrast, a mayoral or gubernatorial election involves specific candidates, so it imposes stability.