Traducción de guilt en Español:


culpa, n.

Pronunciación /ɡɪlt//ɡɪlt/


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    culpa femenino
    Derecho culpabilidad femenino
    • A lot of ground, after all, has been gained and yesterday's judgment offers no comment on his guilt or innocence.
    • For certain crimes where guilt is not in question, and the circumstances were horrific then people should be executed.
    • The prisons' management has presumed guilt over innocence and allowed torture and abuse on a grand scale.
    • You remember rather here it seeks to have you infer guilt from such facts as it is able to prove to your satisfaction.
    • They believe in a culture of blame which moves from the presumption of guilt rather than innocence.
    • The good news is that camp directors are not responsible to decide innocence or guilt.
    • The orders concerned were divorced from any finding of guilt for an offence.
    • His trial is not expected to begin until next year, when a jury will decide his guilt or innocence.
    • It is only by having prescribed limits and a proper testing regime that we can be sure of proving guilt or innocence.
    • Reports advise that you acknowledge guilt for the offence, but did not intend to kill your victim.
    • After all, it refers to a standard of proof that assumes innocence until guilt is proven.
    • They may, even unwittingly, favor their colleagues in determining guilt or innocence.
    • There has been no determination of wrongful conduct, guilt or liability in the Settlement.
    • A reasonable man would not infer guilt from the fact of a police inquiry.
    • It is talking about guilt in the context of a finding of guilt in a criminal justice system to which this very Act applies.
    • Several deep scratches across his face revealed his guilt in the crime against her.
    • DNA is unique to each person and acts as a fingerprint which in terms of crimes can prove someone's guilt or innocence.
    • The suffering of illness is thus compounded by an additional burden of guilt and recrimination.
    • The extradition proceedings will not look at any issues concerning a prisoner's guilt or the evidence against them.
    • It has been stressed the setting up of the advice line does not imply any guilt.
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    culpa femenino
    guilt feelings sentimiento de culpa / de culpabilidad masculino
    • It preys on women's sense of fear and anger, and on men's feelings of guilt and shame.
    • In the simplest, we have robots or androids who can think but who cannot feel joy, grief, guilt or jealousy.
    • Since then, he has grown more liberated, fighting lingering feelings of guilt and fear.
    • Very often he is feeling guilt or shame or remorse for something he has done.
    • It not only gives someone on whom the blame can be focused on, it also gives us a way of avoiding our own feeling of anger or guilt.
    • Abused women feel isolated from the family and society because of their guilt, shame and fear.
    • I journeyed through countless emotions, from guilt through anger to sadness.
    • Obesity shows a desire for self-protection and a defence against anxiety and feelings of guilt.
    • The rest of us have an emotive connection to an act we perceive as wrong - usually guilt but occasionally anger or upset.
    • Looking for a way to satisfy white post-colonial guilt and make friends at the same time?
    • Along with embarrassment and guilt, shame is one of the emotions that motivate moral behaviour.
    • It speaks to man's most damaging emotions, such as anger, guilt, fear, doubt and anxiety.
    • What is uncivilised is the secrecy, guilt, shame and sorrow that surrounds this issue as it stands now.
    • For many of us, food has become tied into cycles of guilt and pleasure, desire and revulsion.
    • It reflects a depressing net of guilt, shame, despair and hopelessness.
    • It is not uncommon for parents to experience guilt, frustration, anxiety, and depression.
    • Leon's so emotionally numb that all he seems capable of feeling is guilt and rage.
    • If the creature lives a largely solitary existence, it will not need social emotions such as guilt and jealousy.
    • What I felt was guilt, shame, fear and what I suppose is their physical manifestation, nausea.
    • She suffered grief, guilt and depression as a result and wants to shield her daughters from the same pain.