Traducción de guilt complex en Español:

guilt complex

complejo de culpa, n.



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    complejo de culpa masculino
    • You've got amnesia, and you've got a guilt complex, and you don't know if you are coming or going from some place.
    • ‘They have a guilt complex about the Highlander - a perception of social injustice that is actually pretty far removed from contemporary crofting’.
    • Its strength has been to exploit the guilt complex of western citizens, posing as a vehicle of material improvement for poor countries and as a forum of world ‘peace’, while cynically pursuing its supremely selfish agenda.
    • ‘I had a family at home, two boys starting to grow up, and I was getting a guilt complex about not being there with them,’ he says.
    • And a new guilt complex has penetrated many of our psyches.