Traducción de guiltless en Español:


inocente, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɡɪltləs//ˈɡɪltləs/



  • 1

    libre de culpa
    I am guiltless of any crime no he cometido ningún delito
    • A common feature of reports is that they provide evidence that condemn a government, but conclude that those in power are guiltless.
    • Will it be some innocent school child, some caring parent, or some elderly guiltless person?
    • The false rumour was tatty, but the Prime Minister's guiltless acknowledgement of it was refreshing.
    • Now it seems to have taken a wretched, guiltless man's life with it.
    • So for many immigrants (I'm one), there's something liberating about the guiltless American attitude toward patriotism.
    • The hip hop elite are predominantly black ghetto children who dreamed of wealth in guiltless innocence and are more than happy to have got their hands on some.
    • I am not guiltless in this regard, and like most other men, I have at one time or another shared the details of a one-night stand with my buddies.
    • They had these looks… like the one he's got, blameless and guiltless, like someone had made a big mistake.
    • But the board is not a guiltless, unsuspecting tool of county counsel when it comes to matters concerning the county's duties to the people it serves.
    • How does he allow the innocent to suffer and the guiltless to die?
    • They would be guiltless to some extent in genuinely believing there was a mortal threat to the territory and people of the United States and United Kingdom, yet they would also be downright fools.
    • It's patently designed to pour scorn on the English judicial process and courtroom procedure as unreliable systems, leading guiltless men to end up in prison.
    • This points to a second salient fact in the history of energy technology: the quest for an endless, stainless, and guiltless source of energy.
    • But consider: when we protest, we are in essence saying someone else is the criminal and we are guiltless.
    • Why are we not then guiltless if we thwart conscience and reason too?
    • I still cannot figure out why the machine dials the Internet every 15 minutes; I've checked every program that hankers to be online, and they all insist they're guiltless.
    • Now, I can go guiltless into the supermarket and buy a shiny jar of jam or a clean, ready-to-eat punnet of any soft fruit, just sufficient for my immediate needs.
    • He is distrusted by colleagues because he is blatantly ambitious, but no leadership candidate could be guiltless of that trait.
    • Does this mean Americans can't write about Channel-swimming, or bull-running, or guiltless sexual abandon, since we're not generally known for it?
    • A strict no-tipping policy makes for a guiltless leave-it-with-the-doorman option.