Traducción de guise en Español:


Pronunciación /ɡʌɪz//ɡaɪz/


  • 1

    in the guise of a monk/woman disfrazado de monje/mujer
    • in many different guises de muchas formas distintas
    • in a new/different guise con aspecto nuevo/distinto
    • under the guise of virtue bajo capa de virtud
    • Germany is a looking-glass land for rockers, a place to slip personae and assume new guises.
    • He played my life away like a game of charades behind the guise of immaturity and stupidity.
    • Martin, we have grown accustomed to seeing your pantomime stooge adopting all manner of superhero guises.
    • The pattern of ceremonial appearance in the guise of a god is not restricted to females.
    • Yet, several aspects of this debate assumed a new guise as a range of complex questions emerged.
    • For this is what has allowed the government to appear in the guise of Santa Claus.
    • They were thought to have dual natures because they appeared only in the guise of morning or evening stars.
    • From hilarious scenes to heart-rending arias, the show promises audiences a fun evening with an original take on opera in all its guises.
    • As ever with legend, the lore of the wise-woman presents itself in the guise of history and truth.
    • Yup, he was trying to convert all us shoppers to God under the guise of being a musician.
    • Admittedly, most are floor fillers of some kind yet assuming so many guises has allowed a free rein to experiment.
    • The next batch of profiteers comes in various guises and shapes.
    • Each assumes several guises as they portray several characters in order to tell the tale of one central character.
    • Amnesties come in many guises, their purpose often unclear.
    • If I weren't able to assume the guise of different characters, I'd probably have to be put away.
    • Do you consider actors to be outsiders, taking on various guises, heroic, villainous or whatever, to escape from themselves?
    • Sustainability is an old term that has appeared in many guises from time immemorial.
    • Their demeanor usually gave them away right off the bat, even if they could assume human guises.
    • They have been presented in so many guises it's hard to know which one to believe.
    • Now the nuke, in both its civil and military guises, is back.