Traducción de gullible en Español:


crédulo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɡʌləb(ə)l//ˈɡələb(ə)l/


  • 1

    • Sell both paintings to gullible collectors, while the art world looks the other way.
    • Are they seriously suggesting the Scottish public are totally gullible and can be so easily hoodwinked?
    • I know a few people who are new age suckers, whom I consider gullible fools because they believe anything they are told.
    • Then it tried to buy its way out of it with a PR campaign, and we were foolish and gullible enough to accept that.
    • He'd have to endure endless litanies about how naive and gullible he was to sign up for this trip.
    • The public should not be passive and gullible on this matter but come out in support of the law.
    • But there is no evidence which shows that juries are gullible fools, easily led by a passing headline.
    • Both efforts seem like cunning attempts to fob off used goods on a gullible reading public.
    • There are those that believe that people who visit mediums are all gullible or plainly mistaken in their memories.
    • But how gullible do you have to be to believe that all these cases coming together is just coincidence?
    • How gullible we were to swallow his promise of a proper debate.
    • Clothing design should not be about creating pricey and snobbish brands to be foisted on a gullible public.
    • That is cynical, and I say to the Government that the public is not that gullible.
    • Such a defence is offered only to hoodwink the gullible, illiterate and ignorant millions.
    • Apparently, to this day, a gullible section of society believes in the existence of these British rockers.
    • None the less, it is gullible to believe that Italians are invulnerable.
    • To have accomplished such a thing he didn't have to merely fool a gullible public.
    • And for every hoaxer there are a thousand gullible people willing to believe.
    • After all, there are so many gullible people who believe whatever they read!
    • He is utterly charmless and few people are gullible enough to believe him.