Traducción de gunboat diplomacy en Español:

gunboat diplomacy

diplomacia de cañonera(s), n.


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    diplomacia de cañonera(s) femenino
    • Let's stop with the gunboat diplomacy and get a little smarter here.
    • For all the occasional bouts of moderate rhetoric, pre-emptive strikes and gunboat diplomacy form the essence of this thinking.
    • The initial French provocation, a direct takeover of Morocco in violation of recent treaties, was answered by German gunboat diplomacy to back its demand for compensation.
    • Stand by for the world's sole superpower engaging in the 21st Century version of gunboat diplomacy.
    • Far from our gunboat diplomacy of the nineteenth century, have we now become the victim rather than the aggressor in a global economic struggle?
    • The western powers have proved yet again their willingness to resort to intimidation and old-style gunboat diplomacy to achieve their ends.
    • Instead, I am referring to the more old-fashioned imperialism, the kind built on land seizure, racism, sexism, gunboat diplomacy, with a dash of genocide occasionally thrown in for good measure.
    • Byrd favors his own version of gunboat diplomacy.
    • According to Chinese reports, Taiwanese ships will join the seven carriers being assembled in this modern rerun of 19th century gunboat diplomacy.
    • It also conjures up memories of the gunboat diplomacy that first pushed the United States onto the world stage a century ago.
    • ‘It is an unprecedented show of force and a return to gunboat diplomacy,’ said Andrew Tam, a security expert at the Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies in Singapore.
    • This near intervention led one observer to note that gunboat diplomacy was clearly in line with the State Department commitment to pipelines and profits.
    • But the increased political sensitivities of the international community in the nuclear age seemed to make gunboat diplomacy quite unacceptable.
    • As the security threat softens, gunboat diplomacy will become less effective, and Ireland's expertise in mediating between factions will be called upon to play an even greater role in brokering a lasting peace.
    • In an ironic reversal, the greatest colonial power becomes the helpless victim of Martian gunboat diplomacy.
    • Chinese Americans could not understand how the United States could use gunboat diplomacy to open the door of China and at the same time use democracy to close the door to Chinese Americans.
    • Then there is the United States war on Iraq, the 21st Century version of 19th Century gunboat diplomacy which threatens to usher in a new era in international relations.
    • Will the World Bank, IMF and WTO undergo a revival in popularity, viewed as infinitely preferable to the gunboat diplomacy and the undiluted elitism of the G7?
    • I suppose this is a good example of gunboat diplomacy.
    • Both Indonesia and Malaysia also saw it as a means to protect themselves from gunboat diplomacy and foreign intervention in the affairs of their fledgling nations.