Traducción de gunplay en Español:


tiroteo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡʌnpleɪ//ˈɡənpleɪ/



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    tiroteo masculino
    balacera femenino América Latina
    • For far too many people associated with the music, the venomous and slanderous verbal assaults on other artists that is a staple of rap - and which seems to feed its gunplay - is proof of the genre's authenticity.
    • Maybe you'd wandered away for a moment to wipe the pasta sauce off of your chin and returned to see a bunch of dirty guys in mustaches playing poker, bedding old-timey whores and engaging in some six-shooter gunplay.
    • Personally, I think it's more honest to just show the thing, gunplay and all, and not to pretend it was unintentional.
    • There is less resultant blood and gore than one might expect from a more recent film, but there should be enough gunplay here to satisfy anyone, especially in the climactic battle scenes in the town of San Bernardino.
    • Killings and gunplay were rare, sheriffs, then marshals, then police, common.
    • A stellar third-person shooter that pulses with feverish invention, A&D welds together top-notch controls, a truly mental plot, and some of the most strategic gunplay to hit consoles in ages.
    • Overall, the feeling of this gunplay, the meat of any first person shooter, is Beta quality at best as its overall simplicity works against it given what we expect from today's first person shooters.
    • The stoppage of gunplay on New York city streets would be a nice deal closer.
    • For them, a few idle asides excepted, America and its works amount to nothing but unbridled wickedness, a brief for gunplay, willful stupidity, and closed-mindedness.
    • But I was deeply grateful for the lack of gunplay, car chases and scenes in which the hero outrunning a fireball down a hallway.
    • The exchange of gunplay is not an appropriate means to resolve inter-office conflict.
    • They and their ilk fought an ongoing battle for control through intimidation, gunplay and the use of razors - with the police nearly as rough - that is every bit as compelling as the actions of our other infamous criminals.
    • Of course, no one is overly concerned with reloading or lack of ammunition, but then that's been true since the days of singing cowboys such as Roy Rogers who smiled a lot and engaged in friendly gunplay between musical numbers.
    • The making of a proper Julep - and that discussion alone can end in gunplay - is a ceremony to be undertaken with proper reverence for the ingredients and for the occasion for which the Julep is being made.
    • How easy would it have been, in the Pentagon's eyes, for anyone on the ground or a pilot in the air to confuse celebration and gunplay by civilians with a real threat to U.S. Forces?
    • Three blocks away, teen shooters routinely make the newspaper with their deadly gunplay.
    • The rappers express all kinds of aggression into the air as a substitute for an actual battle, a way to settle disputes, grudges and conflicts without physical violence, gunplay, or other detrimental behavior.
    • The young wife of an older man was playing around, got caught, and gunplay resulted.
    • The marriage of a highly involving plot with frenetically paced gunplay works as well as it did for the 2001 original, and the possibility to play as the sultry and shadowy Mona Sax will be a welcome addition for some.
    • With room to operate, Leonard mixes up romance, gunplay, and deft character sketches according to his well-used recipe, and the concoction is a lot of fun.