Traducción de gutter en Español:


canaleta, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡədər//ˈɡʌtə/


  • 1

    (on roof)
    canaleta femenino
    canalón masculino España
  • 2

    (in street)
    alcantarilla femenino
    • Once the preserve of kids jumping gutters in suburban streets, bicycles are increasingly a viable alternative to cars.
    • When morning comes and the street sweepers clean the gutters, they are sometimes followed by vacuum trucks, lest the runoff contaminate the storm drains.
    • I sit here, my whole body aching and groaning, as if I've been bashed and left in a gutter by the side of the road.
    • Unfortunately, the rain water picks up every kind of garbage on the streets and gutters, and washes it into the lake.
    • All you can hope is that they might stumble too close to the edge of a rain-soaked gutter and be completely drenched by a passing car.
    • Her eye was caught by a gutter on the opposite side of the street.
    • He could see, even through his fogged windows, that the gutters of the streets below were flooded.
    • The beginning involves a slick, wet cobblestone street and gutters flooded with England's notorious rainwater.
    • Most of these flow from the streets and gutters, where they have been inappropriately disposed of, and into our waterways.
    • Owen stepped over the street gutter to reach the front door.
    • It was stuck between two narrow residential streets and rode uncomfortably up to the gutters on each side, so that there was no sidewalk adjacent to the lot.
    • They were everywhere, streets, gutters, pavements, air.
    • It clogs up gutters and floods streets and spreads mud everywhere.
    • The sun shone brightly and the gutters on the side of the street shone and sparkled with the run-off from the melting snow.
    • The streets' surfaces were curved slightly, so that the middle was domed up above the rest and there were cluttered gutters along the edges.
    • There was a girl out walking, staying in the gutters and in the street lights.
    • While her parents shopped, Kate can remember sitting outside with Johnny and Alice, their feet in the gutter of the unpaved street.
    • Dogs are present throughout the street series, roaming the streets and sniffing the gutters.
    • He was lying in the gutter at the side of a small road.
    • These cities may also demand the finishing of streets, gutters and sidewalks in exchange for permit approval.
  • 3

    (lowest section of society)
    the gutter los bajos fondos
    • he rose from the gutter tuvo orígenes muy humildes
    • the language of the gutter el lenguaje barriobajero / de los bajos fondos
    • gutter journalism periodismo sensacionalista / amarillo / amarillista
    • before noun the gutter press la prensa sensacionalista / amarilla / amarillista
    • The political party's descent into the gutter continues apace, with plans to further tighten already draconian anti asylum seeker legislation.
    • Now look where rationalism in the context of liberal humanism has taken us - into the gutter of situation ethics.
    • But he managed to work his way out of the gutter, emerging as a celebrated artist with a steely determination to succeed.
    • Why am I independent and able to give my daughter a first-rate education, when other women that had just as good opportunities are in the gutter?
    • Now that our minds were out of the gutter we continued.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (candle) arder con luz parpadeante
    • After we said it a few times I felt the temperature of the room begin to decrease and the candles guttered out for a moment before coming back full force.
    • Shadows lifted from the floor like a flock of birds rising into the horizon, and light guttered throughout the room, slapping away the dark for good.
    • The candle flickered, and after a moment, the little flame guttered out.
    • Every now and then there was a gust and all the lamps guttered perilously.
    • Below them, outside the windows was the soft glow of her anchor light beacon and across the room the candle guttered and went out.
    • Other flyers were still fluttering from lampposts and stuck on empty buildings, some with candles guttering out beneath them.
    • They didn't seem to notice the wind started to howl through the town, making their torches gutter and their horses rear nervously.
    • The light flickered uncertainly for a moment like a guttering candle.
    • Eventually, the besotted warriors either passed out or crawled away as the torches guttered and smoked into mere embers.
    • He'd gotten about four sentences into it when a small gust of wind made the candles gutter and flicker, and made the incense smoke swirl and twist.
    • The window was open and now and then the thin curtains stirred and the candle guttered.
    • It was early evening, and the room was lighted by candles that guttered from time to time as an errant draught of air caught at them.
    • Torches guttered in iron sconces set about the cavern and cabinets emerged at bizarre angles from ancient columns of stone etched with unnatural runes.
    • It is hours since the campfire guttered to ash, but the stars remain alight, burning with fluid intensity.
    • She turned around and sprinted down the corridor, her candle guttered out, and she was plunged into complete darkness.
    • Torches on the walls guttered and popped, casting a dim, flickering light over the stone walls.
    • His voice has taken on a hoarse note, a rough edge which hints at a time - not so long ago - when his own candle guttered, flickered and somehow didn't blow out.
    • The old porch light bulb guttered, then rallied back.
    • As the day veered towards its pre-destined conclusion, the blue waters of the Indian Ocean glistened briefly, much like the last flicker of a guttering candle.
    • A blast of fire surged at him, but a single blade sweep tore it apart, the flames guttering into silence.