Traducción de guttering en Español:


canaletas, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡədərɪŋ//ˈɡʌt(ə)rɪŋ/


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    canaletas femenino
    canalones masculino España
    • When cleaning the guttering of a bungalow, always place one's stepladders at right angles to the exterior walls.
    • He's a big lad, he can clean out your guttering without standing on a ladder
    • And, within the past few weeks, the council has spent more money on giving the home, along with others nearby, new guttering and pointing.
    • Work has begun on re-slating, rebuilding chimney stacks, clearing guttering, sand-blasting, rendering and pointing.
    • The resulting blaze almost destroyed the armour-plated double delivery doors to the building, as well as damaging windows and guttering.
    • At this time of year, insurers advise checking roofs for loose tiles and guttering, as well as making sure any overhanging trees are in a healthy condition.
    • She was aware that her neighbour had previously been conned by callers who had replaced guttering and some of the roughcast on her bungalow walls.
    • But if you're climbing up a ladder to get to your guttering make sure you take care, and get somebody to hold the ladder for you.
    • Check guttering to ensure it is free of moss and leaves.
    • A length of wooden guttering ran along the front, with a downspout at the end for disposing of rainwater.
    • It went up in flames very quickly, causing great damage to the front door and the guttering above, also causing a lot of smoke and flame damage to the front of the house.
    • An investigation has been launched after cast iron guttering fell from a building and struck a passer-by.
    • The money is needed for repairs to the roof, high-level stonework renovation and the replacement of vital guttering.
    • Check the condition of the gutters and, for replacement, use good quality cast iron or cast aluminium guttering and downpipes.
    • Architectural fragments including stone guttering remain in the modern cemetery.
    • In the past year, lights have been ripped from their fixings, the security system has been targeted and guttering hauled from the roof.
    • The lightning strike blew a crater in Margaret's front yard, cracking brickwork, smashing windows, melting guttering and water pipes and blowing up her hot water system.
    • Then the fine tuning of the components takes place, such as guttering for rain and snow protection.
    • Building A has no glazing or guttering, no ground floor or access to the first floor, no service fittings or internal finishes.
    • The guttering to the front and rear roof slopes is blocked and leaking to joints and requires clearing and an overhaul.